Get Your Grill On: 10 Barbecue Recipes That Aren’t Burgers

Summer is the season of grilling. The sizzle of the barbecue, the char of the grill, and the unparalleled flavour that comes from enjoying your meal outdoors on a beautiful day. Gathering friends and family for a cookout is one of our favourite summer activities. While burgers and hot dogs are a classic BBQ staple—and for good reason—the grill makes a delicious home for a variety of other dishes.

Below, you’ll discover 10 barbecue recipes that are perfect for those hot months when turning on the oven is a definite no-no, but firing up the grill is a major yes. Using some of our favourite Farm Boy products and the freshest ingredients you can find in our stores, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From appetizers to sides to mains to desserts, enjoy a full menu cooked entirely on the barbecue.

Barbecue Baked Brie with Summer Vegetables & Balsamic Glaze

The ideal dish to share with loved ones at your backyard cookout! This Barbecue Baked Brie recipe is gooey, decadent, and hits all the right flavour notes thanks to tangy balsamic and crisp summer veggies. The most difficult part is creating the balsamic glaze—your barbecue does the rest! Serve this cheesy app with pita crackers or sliced crusty bread for an easy, crowd-pleasing dish.

bbq baked brie

Full Recipe: Barbecue Baked Brie with Summer Vegetables and Balsamic Glaze

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Balsamic Vinegar, Farm Boy™ Garlic Flowers, Farm Boy™ Double Cream Brie, Farm Boy™ Double Baked Multigrain Pita Crackers, Fresh Summer Vegetables.

Turkey Satay with Creamy Peanut Sauce

 Food on sticks is a quick, delicious, summertime staple and these skewers are no exception. Use turkey or chicken breast for this grill recipe, as both proteins pair beautifully with our creamy peanut sauce. Sweet, savoury, and a little spicy, it’s a sauce you’ll want to put on everything! (And you can! Use leftover sauce as a dip for veggies, spring rolls, or fried shrimp.)

turkey satay with peanut sauce

Full Recipe: Turkey Satay with Creamy Peanut Sauce

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Organic Coconut Milk, Farm Boy™ All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, Farm Boy™ Organic Chili Flakes.

Grilled Mexican Style Street Corn

A popular Mexican street food, elotes, or street corn, is a portable, flavourful snack! Make the most of corn season in the summer by grilling up some fresh cobs to try with this recipe. We use our Farm Boy™ Cotija Cheese for an authentic salty and tangy flavour, but you can also use feta and achieve a similar taste. Cheesy, salty, spicy, and smoky, this recipe will far surpass the classic butter-and-salt topping at your next cookout.

grilled corn

Full Recipe: Grilled Mexican Style Street Corn

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™14% Sour Cream, Farm Boy™ Cotija Cheese, Farm Boy™ Organic Chili Powder, Fresh Corn.

Korean Style Beef Short Ribs

Flanken-style short ribs, also known as Asian short ribs, are thinly sliced, requiring a quick cooking time over high heat. This ensures the ribs stay flavourful and fall-off-the-bone-tender. We use a Korean-style marinade made with onion, pear, ginger, brown sugar, soy sauce, mirin, and sesame and allow the ribs to soak in the mixture overnight to really enhance the flavour.

Korean beef ribs

Full Recipe: Korean Style Beef Short Ribs

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Jasmine Rice, Farm Boy™ Organic Kimchi.

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Kebabs

Skewer up some summertime seafood flavour with these salmon kebabs. Be sure to oil up your grill well, so that the delicate fish doesn’t stick. Marinated in our Sweet Teriyaki Cooking Sauce, these skewers are guaranteed to be a barbecue hit. And they don’t take long to go from grill to table! We alternated stacking salmon with slices of lemon and green onions to add some aromatic Asian flavours, but you can make these meat-only.

grilled teriyaki salmon kebabs recipe

Full Recipe: Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Kebabs

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Sweet Teriyaki Cooking Sauce, Farm Boy™ Jasmine Rice.

Grilled Fruit Platter with Creamy Tri-Nut Dip

Transform summer fruits into a drool-worthy dessert by letting them feel the heat. Grilling fruit allows their natural sugars to caramelize for a flavour that verges on decadent. Summer is a wonderful season for produce, and we love scooping up fresh favourites like pineapple (sliced and cored at no extra cost in our stores), peaches, and berries. This recipe also tastes incredible paired with our Gourmet Ice Creams and Gelatos for a fruit-filled sundae!

grilled fruit platter recipe

Full Recipe: Grilled Fruit Platter with Creamy Tri-Nut Dip

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Mascarpone Cheese, Farm Boy™ Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, Farm Boy™ Tri-Nut Butter, Farm Boy™ White Liquid Honey, Fresh Summer Fruits.

Grilled Asparagus Caprese Salad

Classic Italian caprese salad gets a barbecue twist by adding seasonal asparagus and letting it get kissed by the grill. Cherry tomatoes, mini bocconcini, and fresh basil leaves round out the salad that’s then dressed in a light lemon-infused pesto sauce. The charred element of the asparagus adds a much-needed textural component to this recipe and it’s an unexpectedly elegant way to serve up summertime asparagus.

grilled asparagus salad recipe

Full Recipe: Grilled Asparagus Caprese Salad

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Basil Pesto, Fresh Summer Vegetables.

Grilled Shrimp & Chorizo Tacos

Surf and turf in a taco! Tender, juicy shrimp get grilled on skewers alongside our spicy Spanish Chorizo before sliding into a warm corn tortilla. Paired with shredded cabbage, zesty Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa, and a squeeze of fresh lime, they’re an easy, crowd-pleasing grill recipe. If you like things spicy, feel free to add a dash (or three) of any of our Hot Sauces!

Grilled Chorizo Shrimp Tacos Recipe

Full Recipe: Grilled Shrimp & Chorizo Tacos

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Raw Jumbo Shrimp, Farm Boy™ Chili Lime Dressing, Farm Boy™ Spanish Chorizo, Farm Boy™ Yellow Corn Tortillas, Farm Boy™ Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa.

Vegan Grilled Cabbage Steak with Pesto and Cheese

Steaks, but make them veggie! Those who are living that #plantbasedlife shouldn’t have to miss out on all the goodness of a barbecue. Seasoned with sweet and smokey spices, these cabbage steaks are grilled until tender. Slathered in our fresh Vegan Pesto and topped with plant-based parmesan or mozzarella (or whatever cheese alternative you like best), these “steaks” are a hearty meat-free addition to the grill.

grilled cabbage

Full Recipe: Vegan Grilled Cabbage Steak with Pesto and Cheese

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Vegan Pesto, Farm Boy™ Vegan Parmesan Style Shredded Cheese Alternative, Farm Boy™ Vegan Mozzarella Style Sliced Cheese Alternative.

Grilled Scallops with Salsa Verde

For an elegant appetizer that takes no time at all to prepare, try this grilled scallop recipe! These super-sized scallops have a sweet flavour and meaty firmness that holds up well on the barbecue. Their natural sugars allow for a beautiful caramelization and a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Paired with a bright and zippy salsa verde for dipping, it’s the seafood app you didn’t know you needed.

grilled scallops

Full Recipe: Grilled Scallops with Salsa Verde

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Garlic Flowers, Farm Boy™ Caper Berries, Farm Boy™ Jumbo Hokkaido Scallops.

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