Summertime Sweetness: 10 Fruity Desserts Perfect for Summer

Summer is the season of gorgeous, fresh produce. At Farm Boy, we work with local farmers and suppliers to bring the highest-quality, freshest, and most flavourful produce to our stores so that you can enjoy everything the season has to offer. Take advantage of ripe berries, juicy mangos, and luscious stone fruit this summer and make some delicious fruity desserts! These 10 recipes use plenty of Ontario-grown produce and some of our favourite Farm Boy products to brighten your table for any picnic, party, or outdoor gathering.

Roasted Rhubarb and Ice Cream Sundaes

Rhubarb season doesn’t last very long, and so we want to make the most of it while it’s still around. This tart, ruby-hued veggie is often incorporated into jams, spreads, and, of course, pies! For this recipe, we’ve made a roasted rhubarb compote, which pairs beautifully with sweet, creamy ice cream. Combined with our Amber Maple Syrup and Orange Juice, this roasted vegetable develops a sweet, complex flavour and jammy texture. If you have extra, you can easily refrigerate or freeze the leftovers.

roasted rhubarb sundae fruit dessert. The image shows dish with vanilla ice cream and a roasted rhubarb compote with a mint leaf perched on top.

Full Recipe: Roasted Rhubarb and Ice Cream Sundaes

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Orange Juice, Farm Boy™ Amber Maple Syrup, Farm Boy™ Vanilla Ice Cream.

Macerated Berries & Cream

Summer is berry season, and using sweet, juicy berries in dessert is one of our favourite ways to enjoy these tiny fruits. This simple dessert recipe involves zero time spent at the stove or in the oven, making it a perfect choice for those sweltering months! We like pairing our Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake with this recipe for a fresh, citrus-inspired flavour that complements the sweet berries. (Chef’s tip: To make your own whipped cream, chill your bowl for at least 20 minutes before using for a lighter, fluffier texture.)

macerated berries and cream dessert. The image shows a plate in the foreground with slices of Farm Boy Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake, whipped cream, and juicy macerated berries. IN the background is the sliced Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake on a wooden cutting board, a bowl of whipped cream, and a bowl of fresh berries. Fresh berries are also scattered behind the plate in the foreground.

Full Recipe: Macerated Berries & Cream

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Orange Juice, Farm Boy™ Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake, Fresh Berries.

Banana Sushi Rolls

Wholesome and delicious, these Banana Sushi Rolls don’t have to be just for summer! Perfect for a snack or a lower-sugar dessert, this recipe is quick and easy to make. Plus, the customizable options are endless! If you don’t feel like using a nut butter (or have an allergy), we recommend trying our Sunflower Seed Butter. Following a plant-based diet? Swap our Sesame Chocolate Spread for the Vegan version. Looking to increase the level of decadence? Why not have a warmed-up bowl of our Banana Bread Caramel Sauce on the side for dipping?

The image features banana sushi rolls on a white plate. There is a wooden spatula on the plate with a smear of sesame chocolate spread. There are also blueberries and whole and sliced strawberries on the plate. A blue scarf is to the left of the image.

Full Recipe: Banana Sushi Rolls

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Whole Wheat Tortillas, Farm Boy™ Cashew Butter, Farm Boy™ Sesame Chocolate Spread, Farm Boy™ Chia Seeds, Farm Boy™ Hemp Hearts.

No-Bake Berry Coconut Cheesecake Parfaits

Baking a full cheesecake can be a finicky thing. Instead of stressing over water baths and cracked cakes, our easy, no-bake version is guranateed to satisfy your cheesecake cravings! We’ve made these fruity desserts with our Coconut Cookie Chips, but you can use regular graham crackers if you’d prefer. Once you have the luscious cheesecake filling perfected, you can experiment with all sorts of flavour combinations! Swap out berries for chunks of fresh mango for a tropical version or try ripe peaches with our Ginger Cookie Chips!

no bake cheesecake parfait dessert. The image shows two glasses with layers of cookie crumbs, cheesecake filling, and fresh berries. They are on a pale pink plate with two cookies and a strawberry sliced in half. In the background is a large bowl of fresh mixed berries.

Full Recipe: No-Bake Berry Coconut Cheesecake Parfaits

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Coconut Cookie Chips, Farm Boy™ Cream Cheese, Farm Boy™ 14% Sour Cream, Fresh Berries.

Creamy Raspberry Tart

This dessert certainly looks elegant and impressive, but it comes together very easily, thanks to our Butter Puff Pastry! The most time-consuming aspect of this fruit-filled dessert is placing fresh raspberries in appetizing, organized rows. Rich and creamy, this fusion of vanilla and raspberry flavours is an indulgent bite of summertime. Try it for your next get-together!

creamy raspberry tart dessert. The image shows a large square of puff pastry covered in rows of fresh, juicy raspberries. The tart is dusted with icing sugar. A heavy silver knife lays alongside the tart.

Full Recipe: Creamy Raspberry Tart

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Cream Cheese, Farm Boy™ Raspberry Jam, Farm Boy™ Butter Puff Pastry, Fresh Raspberries.

Thai Style Mango Sticky Rice

Made with glutinous rice, sticky rice desserts are quite popular in Southeast Asian cuisines. Think of this recipe as a sort of tropical rice pudding. Be sure to soak your rice overnight beforehand for the tastiest results! With just a few simple ingredients, this Thai-inspired dessert offers a deliciously fresh taste of summer, thanks to sweet, juicy mangos and creamy coconut milk.

The image shows a blue plate on a round wicker placemat. On the plate is a mound of rice with a twist of fresh mango on top. Thin slices of mango are fanned out next to the mound of rice. There is a grey-blue scarf behind the plate.

Full Recipe: Thai Style Mango Sticky Rice

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Organic Coconut Milk, Fresh Mango.

Mixed Berry Strata

We love a big, fruit-filled dish that walks the line between brunch and dessert, like this Mixed Berry Strata. The fancier cousin to rustic bread pudding, we use rich Rideau Bakery Egg Bread and our Ricotta to make this a truly decadent treat. During the summer season, we like to use fresh local berries for as long as we have them, but our Berry Blend Frozen Fruit works just as well. Serve this strata with our Amber Maple Syrup or whipped cream!

mixed berry strata dessert. The image shows a glass casserole dish filled with mixed berry strata, dusted with icing sugar. In the background are slices of fresh challah bread and a pink scarf.

Full Recipe: Mixed Berry Strata

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Organic 3.8% Whole Milk, Farm Boy™ Orange Juice, Farm Boy™ Ricotta, Farm Boy™ Raspberry Jam, Farm Boy™ Berry Blend Frozen Fruit, Farm Boy™ Amber Maple Syrup.

Brown Sugar Glazed Stone Fruit with Mascarpone Cream

With all the gorgeous produce that summer brings, we might get the most excited for stone fruit, like peaches, nectarines, and plums. This fruity dessert recipe is a versatile one: you can enjoy it with the accompanying mascarpone cream, or use it as a topping for waffles, pancakes, or even ice cream. With a buttery, caramelized flavour, featuring hints of vanilla, this recipe is an indulgent way to enjoy summer fruits.

The image shows a white bowl with blue polka dots on a dark metal serving platter. In the bowl is stewed stone fruits with a dollop of mascarpone cream on top. There is a vanilla bean on top, as well as a mint leave. On the serving platter is a cherry and a spoon. The image looks warm and delicious.

Full Recipe: Brown Sugar Glazed Stone Fruit with Mascarpone Cream

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Mascarpone Cheese, Farm Boy™ Orange Juice, Fresh Stone Fruits.

Sparkling Strawberry Ice Cream Float

Spooning up an ice cream float on a hot summer day is an activity steeped in nostalgia—and deliciousness. We added extra seasonal flavour that we think is “berry” nice: the addition of fresh strawberries! Layered with our Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with our fizzy Lemon Sparkling Beverage, it’s a sweet treat and refreshing drink all in one. (If you’re really into pink vibes this summer, swap out the lemon beverage for our Pink Lemonade.)

The image shows two glasses with layers o macerated strawberries and vanilla ice cream, with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. A sparkling beverage has been poured over these glasses so that they fizz. On either side of the glasses is a multicoloured striped dish towel.

Full Recipe: Sparkling Strawberry Ice Cream Float

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Vanilla Ice Cream, Farm Boy™ Lemon Sparkling Beverage, Fresh Strawberries.

Summer Fruit Coffee Cake

Make the most of the fresh, local summer produce we have arriving in our stores daily by whipping up this coffee cake! Our recipe uses peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, and raspberries for a delicious balance between sweet and tart. The fruit in the cake makes it incredibly moist, as does the inclusion of our Almond Flour. Enjoy it dusted with icing sugar or a dollop of whipped cream for a seasonal dessert or decadent breakfast.

summer fruit coffee cake dessert. The image shows a slice of cake in the foreground on a white plate which is on a pink scarf. The slice of cake shows pieces of real peaches and raspberries. There is another slice behind this one, and the sliced-into cake is in the background. The cake looks moist and delicious.

Full Recipe: Summer Fruit Coffee Cake

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ 14% Sour Cream, Farm Boy™ Almond Flour, Farm Boy™ Organic Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit.

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