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By sourcing local, we directly support businesses and farmers. This ensures top quality and value for our customers, while also reducing food waste. For this important mission, we’ve partnered with two incredible organizations: Cooks Who Feed and Second Harvest. Within our stores, we are offering customers the opportunity to purchase a Farm Boy Limited Edition Apron. For each apron sold, 100 meals are provided to those struggling with food insecurity across North America. With Cooks Who Feed and Second Harvest in Canada, we’re helping tackle food insecurity in our communities.

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Cooks Who Feed

In 2016, Seema Sanghavi visited an NGO in India that provided fair, safe work to marginalized women. After her trip, she felt compelled to do more.In 2018, an article about food waste caught her eye. It revealed that one-third of all produced food gets thrown away. What’s even more concerning, the article revealed that the amount of food wasted could feed the entire world’s hungry four times over. (This option emphasizes the seriousness of the issue. With that new knowledge, the idea of Cooks Who Feed was born.

Working with the NGO she visited in 2016, Cooks Who Feed develops aprons that are ethical from production to sale. Supplying jobs for those marginalized women using sustainable environmental practices while combatting food insecurity, they’re a triple threat.

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Second Harvest

One of the three charity partners working with Cooks Who Feed is Second Harvest, based in Canada. As the country’s largest food rescue organization, Second Harvest works with thousands of businesses to decrease the amount of edible food going to waste. Building on our partnership with Second Harvest, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat: rescuing enough food to provide over 300,000 meals in the last year alone. Reducing greenhouse gases and redirecting foods to charities and non-profits, Second Harvest helps ensure that the millions of Canadians experiencing food insecurity have access to the nutrition they need.

With the vision of “No Waste. No Hunger”, Second Harvest is doing heavy lifting when it comes to creating meaningful impact for people and the planet.

1 Apron = 100 Meals

Farm Boy apron

Made with locally-sourced, recycled, organic, and natural fabrics, these aprons are as stylish as they are eco-friendly. Each apron is handcrafted by women in India who are given a safe place to work and a living wage.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Farm Boy on this impactful initiative,” Cooks Who Feed founder Seema Sanghavi said. “By creating these beautiful aprons together, we will provide hundreds of thousands of meals to food-insecure people through charity partners like Second Harvest. We are grateful to Farm Boy for their commitment to supporting local businesses and giving back to their communities.”

For each apron sold, 100 meals are provided to those struggling with food insecurity across North America. Cooks Who Feed and Second Harvest team up to rescue surplus food and redistribute it for immediate hunger relief. At Farm Boy, we believe that we have a responsibility to our communities, and through our collaboration with an exclusive apron, we hope to help spread this important message.

“In just a few short years, Farm Boy has proven itself to be an incredible partner with an impressive commitment to fighting food waste and food insecurity in our communities,” Lori Nikkel, CEO of Second Harvest, said. Furthermore, Cooks Who Feed aprons available through Farm Boy offer a fantastic way for shoppers to contribute. By purchasing one, you’re supporting Second Harvest’s mission to keep food on plates and out of landfills and providing employment to women experiencing poverty through Cooks Who Feed. Plus, it’s a great apron!”

Visit your favourite Farm Boy store to pick up your exclusive apron today!

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