Butcher-Quality Meat & Sustainable Seafood

A well-lit Farm Boy store meat and seafood department with a variety of fresh meats, fish, and shellfish on display in refrigerated cases. Signs above the cases advertise that the department meets industry standards and offers a satisfaction guarantee. There is also a butcher counter visible in the image.
Meat and Seafood Department inside Farm Boy Dupont, Toronto.
A close-up of a refrigerated display case in a Farm Boy store meat department. Various cuts of beef are packaged on trays, with labels indicating the cut and origin. Signs advertise "Canadian beef" and "100% extra lean ground beef.
100% Canadian Meat display.

Locally Raised, Sustainably Sourced Meat

At Farm Boy, we’re proud to offer premium Canadian meat and seafood at excellent value. We work with local farmers and suppliers to bring you the choicest cuts that offer an abundance of flavour. Doing so allows us to minimize our carbon footprint, support our local economy, and pass the savings on to you. In our Butcher Shop, you’ll discover perfectly spiced flattened chicken, succulent pork schnitzel, Canadian AAA beef, organic meats, and more. In our Seafood Market, you’ll find sustainably-raised fish and seafood arriving daily at the peak of freshness from Canadian coastlines and international shores. With quality, taste, and value as our priorities, we ensure that you’ll receive only the best.

A close-up of a chicken skewer with cubed chicken, vegetables, and bell peppers threaded onto skewers and grilled. The kebab is served on a plate.
Meat Kebabs are displayed in-store.

Full Service, Full Flavour

Discover a variety of products that are handcrafted with care within our Butcher Shops. Premium meat kebabs are stacked with garden-fresh vegetables, perfect for grilling season. An extensive array of gourmet burgers and artisan sausages feature bold, globally-inspired flavours at a delicious value. Marinated meats like our succulent flattened chickens are grill- or oven-ready for easy, wholesome dinners. Our butcher-cut steaks are naturally aged, Canadian AAA beef for top quality that you can taste. Ask a Team Member for what you’re looking for or inquire about any of the wide variety of meats that can only be found at Farm Boy.

Local Partnerships

Hayter's Farm Logo

Hayter’s Farm

In business since 1948, the Hayter family has become the only farm in Canada that raises and processes their turkey on-site. From farm-to-fork, We are proud to offer a variety of their turkey products that are exemplary in taste, quality, and freshness. Learn more.

Nagano Pork Logo

Nagano Pork

Renowned for its rich flavour, Nagano Pork is a 100% Canadian product developed using Japanese techniques. Tender and juicy, it makes for an exceptional eating experience. Learn more.

Lac Brome Duck Logo

Lac Brome Duck

Founded in 1912, Lac Brome Duck specializes in the production and processing of Pekin ducks, raised responsibly without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Celebrated for their tasty and tender meat, the Quebec company has become an industry leader across North America. Learn more.

Stemmler's Meat Logo

Stemmler’s Meats

Established in 1985, Stemmler’s Meats has been satisfying customers’ appetites with artisan-quality products, crafted using time-honored recipes. Fresh and wholesome, we are proud to carry their products in our Butcher Shops. Learn more.

VG Meats Logo

VG Meats

Specializing in Ontario-raised beef, as well as chicken, pork, and turkey, VG Meats has been a family-run farm since the 1970s. With a focus on exceptional tenderness, all VG Meat products have a quality that’s clear after the first bite. Learn more.

Fresh Specialty Meats

A well-lit section of a Farm Boy store meat department with a variety of fresh meats on display in refrigerated cases. Signs above the cases advertise organic and specialty meats, including lamb, veal, and grain-fed veal.
Our specialty meats are always fresh and ready to tantalize your palate as you explore new and exciting flavours. Discover Wagyu beef, Cornish hens, veal, duck, bison, and more. Our line of organic meats includes beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.

Ready-To-Cook Meal Solutions

A close-up photo of a pre-packaged Farm Boy Schnitzel on a white plate. The schnitzel is a breaded chicken cutlet. Text on the packaging reads "Pork Chipotle Lime" and "Chicken Parmesan."
Ready-To-Cook Farm Boy™ Schnitzel

Within our Butcher Shop, our team is proud to offer customers an array of fresh tasty solutions to make meal prep a breeze. We offer oven-ready chicken breasts and pork schnitzels pre-stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. These delicious options get on your table in just 30 minutes!

Ready for quick and easy meals, our popular flattened chickens come in delicious flavors like Lemon Pepper, Mesquite, and Piri-Piri. For a taste of homestyle comfort, pick up any of our chef-prepped meatballs or meatloaf, made with simple ingredients.

Farm Boy™ Private Label Products

To earn the distinction of being a Farm Boy product, items undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. In our Butcher Shop, you’ll find fully cooked, naturally smoked ham, double-smoked bacon, and our signature burgers made with some of the best ingredients. In addition to their selection of farm-fresh produce and high-quality meats, Farm Boy also offers a vast amount of sustainable seafood like shrimp, scallops, salmon, and more.

Sustainable Seafood

Good Catch Sustainable Seafood Logo

To ensure that we remain at the top in terms of quality and value, our stores receive deliveries of fresh seafood every day of the week. That means you’re receiving the best, tastiest product possible. Committed to sustainability, all our seafood participates exclusively in our Good Catch™ program. This program ensures our seafood is either wild-caught or comes from well-managed fisheries that prioritize environmentally friendly practices and maintain abundant fish stocks.

Learn about some of our private-label seafood products here.

The image shows a seafood display at the Farm Boy Dupont location. The section is branded "Good Catch," emphasizing green, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices. The display case contains a variety of fresh seafood items, including fish fillets, shellfish, and sushi-grade fish. Above the display, a sign highlights information about sustainable fishing practices. The overall presentation is clean and organized, showcasing the freshness and quality of the seafood products available.
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