Cherish the “Mom”-ents: Mother’s Day Treats and Eats

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Mother’s Day is a time where we can shower mom with love and show her just how much we appreciate everything that she does! An awesome way to do this, is to plan out the day’s delicious meals along with fun activities and a beautiful ambiance. Below are some tasty recipes and creative ideas to get you started. To all the hard-working moms out there…we LOVE you!


Flowers are a beautiful part of nature’s canvas. Gorgeous pops of colour along with wonderful smells, are a perfect reminder of the moments that matter. Give mom her “flowers” for all the times that she has been there to cheer you on and support your growth. Our selection of fresh flowers are meticulously cared for by our Team Members who take pride in offering our customers only the very best arrangements!

Bouquets of flowers.


Prepare a delicious “bev” to accompany breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Whether it’s a hot drink or a delicious mocktail “on the rocks”, make something that is endlessly sip-worthy. Below are some ideas and products to inspire your liquid creations.


For the coffee drinker in your life, we have a unique selection of products to create the perfect cup of java. Whether you like espresso or dark roast, ground or whole beans, milk or creamer, there are options for those who have even the most complicated coffee orders. Take a look at some of our suggested items below and get inspired to create the most amazing latte, mocha, iced coffee, fresh ground coffee and more. Let the inner barista in you go “all out” for mom!

Trio of coffee in a row. Beans, Coffee, Cappuccino.

Our Farm Boy™ French Roast Coffee has a dark, toasty flavour and is perfect when brewed in slow drip or a French press! If she’s not a fan of dark roast, try out our other varieties. Enjoy with sweet cream or rich steam foamed milk!

Also see: Farm Boy™ Organic City Roast Whole Bean Coffee, Farm Boy™ Breakfast Blend Coffee, Farm Boy™ Decaf Coffee

Earth's Own Barista Oat Milk.
Earth’s Own Oat Milk

This whole milk has the perfect amount of creaminess and is excellent when warmed and foamed using a frothing wand or even a French press. If you are looking for some dairy-free options, we have an amazing assortment of alternatives like oat and almond beverages!

Fruity Earl Grey Iced Tea

Fruity Earl Grey Tea.

Awaken the senses with this fruity iced tea! Tip: make this delicious drink with Farm Boy™ Organic Black Iced Tea and our Farm Boy™ Berry Blend Frozen Fruit

See Recipe: Fruity Earl Grey Iced Tea – Farm Boy

Coconut Strawberry Lemonade

Coconut Strawberry Lemonade.

This refreshing drink is a great way to cool down under the hot sun! Tip: use our Farm Boy™ Organic Lemonade as a base to save on prep time.

See how to make Coconut Strawberry Lemonade!

Here are a few great pick-ups for the day’s tasty sips:


For the mothers that are early-risers, consider a meal full of breakfast faves to get some wholesome nourishment before the day’s activities. Here are some sweet and savoury recipes to get things started!

Berry Banana Crepes with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream

Berry Banana Crepes with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream.

Go bananas and pick up some of our artisan made, Farm Boy™ Mascarpone Cheese for an extra sweet and rich filling!

See Full Recipe: Berry Banana Crepes with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream

Cheesy Spinach and Sundried Tomato Frittata

Cheesy Spinach and Sundried Tomato Frittata.

For a more savoury morning dish, try this warm and herbaceous baked omelette. Serve with a side of toast and fresh fruit!

See Recipe: Cheesy Spinach and Sundried Tomato Frittata

Check out these recipes for some “more”-ning inspo:

* If everyone’s looking to sleep in… maybe opt for a delicious brunch. Follow the link for a tasty guide on planning a hearty feast!

Read more: 6 Steps to Prepare a Delicious Mother’s Day Brunch


An inspiring lunch can give you an extra burst of energy on busy, active, or even lazy days. We often think of our lunch as a quick and efficient meal without much flair. However, there are a few easy things we can do to make lunch gourmet while still saving time for the fun stuff!    

Mushroom Black Truffle Flatbread with Grilled Asparagus Caprese Salad

Grilled Asparagus Caprese Salad.

Enjoy our Mushroom Black Truffle Stone-Baked Flatbread with a classic Italian salad featuring bold and fresh flavours. The Grilled Asparagus Caprese Salad has a gorgeous, roasted aroma while the zingy pesto and cherry tomatoes dance around your palate. It’s a gourmet lunch that mom will be sure to love!

* Continue your day with a fancy Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea to pamper mom with a bit of extravagance after an eventful afternoon!


Bring restaurant dining home by trying out some of our tasty recipes inspired by the flavours of the season. Consider setting the table with your best plates, cutlery, and glasses. Add unique flourishes like dinner candles, small flower arrangements, and nice background music to enhance this fine-dining experience!

Frenched Bone-In Rib Steak with Garlic Flower Butter

Tomahawk Steak with Garlic Flower Butter.

This juicy, mouth-watering steak is indulgence at its finest. We suggest serving it with a side of grilled summer vegetables and roasted potatoes for a wholesome meal! For added decadence, perhaps use our recipe for Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage in place of roasted potatoes. As a meat-free option, try our flavour-packed recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Pesto Caper Sauce. Note: If you are unable to find this specific cut of steak, select your favourite cut and cook to your desired temperature.

See Recipe: Frenched Steak with Garlic Flower Butter

Lobster Rolls

Lobster Roll with Chips.

Have little taste of the sea with our recipe for the iconic lobster roll. Fill your favourite rolls or buns with a luxurious, buttery, and creamy lobster salad topped with chives for a hint of freshness! Consider serving them with a nice Garden Salad and a side truffle fries for an added level of extravagance. The seafood lover in your life will be having a-“lobster” fun with this exquisite meal!

Tip: pick up our Cooked Canadian Atlantic Whole Lobster for easy preparation.

See recipe: Lobster Rolls


For the sweetest mother in your life, we have fresh takes on some scrumptious desserts. Whether you’re looking for something light, rich, or fruity, these links will point you in the right direction!

Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake

Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake with Cranberry Lemonade.

Our Farm Boy™ Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake is a quick option to satisfy your sweet cravings. Consider pairing it with fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or berries! Looking for something fruitier? Try our seasonal Farm Boy™ Strawberry Margarita Loaf Cake!

Lemon Mascarpone Tart

Lemon Mascarpone Tart.

These sunny and bright dessert shells are so easy to make and look stunning on your table! Save tons of time by using shortcake shells and pre-made lemon curd. All that’s left is a bit of mixing, filling, and garnishing with fresh fruit. Make these cute desserts even prettier with a dusting of icing sugar and a leaf of fresh mint.

See Full Recipe: Lemon Mascarpone Tart

Movie Night

Finish off the celebration with mom’s favourite movie and some crave-worthy snacks! Load up your home concessions stand with some of our must-haves and munch the night away.

Bags of popcorn.

Try these sweet and savoury products for a night at the movies:

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