How To: Host a Mother’s Day Tea

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the most important women in your life, so why not treat your mom or mother figure to a fabulous afternoon tea? It can be as elegant as you’d like, with fancy teacups, tiered serving platters, and pretty napkins. Or, perhaps you’d prefer homey and quaint, with Mom’s favourite mugs and yummy snacks everyone will enjoy. Use this how-to guide as primer on how to host a Mother’s Day tea, but choose products and recipes you like best!

At Farm Boy, we’re committed to offering you quality, value, freshness, and convenience, so consider any of our 48 locations as your one-stop shop for all things celebrating Mom! Learn below how to throw the best afternoon tea party so that Mom can put her feet (and pinky) up.

Mother's Day tea

Step 1: Have Some Sweet Nibbles

Sweets are a must for a proper afternoon tea. Dainty, delicate bites look beautiful on plates and pair well with a variety of teas. Look for different textures (soft versus crunchy, flaky versus gooey) to keep your tastebuds on their toes. Below are a few of our favourites that can be found in our Bake Shop.

scone group
vegan blueberry lemon loaf cake
Loaf Cakes
Lemon Squares
Lemon Squares
  • The lip-puckering mix of sweet and tart.
  • A classic shareable springtime dessert.
  • Baked fresh by us.
  • More info here: Farm Boy™ Lemon Squares

Step 2: Offer a Variety of Beverages

It may be called an “afternoon tea”, but sometimes your guests just aren’t fans of the beloved British beverage. Offer a variety of drinks to reach peak host status. Hot and cold options are great to have to provide better balance to your table. A few of our recommendations are below.

Jasmine Green tea
Hot Teas
Cold Brew Drink Trio
Cold Brew Herbal Teas
Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte
Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

Step 3: Prep Something Savoury

You don’t have to be a culinary genius to offer your guests something savoury. Tea sandwiches are a classic option that can be made with a variety of fillings, like chicken salad or cucumber. Or, you can pick up any of our delicious, high-quality nibbles in our Chef Department at your convenience. Some tasty bites we’d love on our afternoon tea spread are below.

single serve quiche
Single-Serve Quiches
sausage rolls
Sausage Rolls

Step 4: Bring in Beautiful Blooms

Gift Mom some gorgeous florals for a classic Mother’s Day “thank you”. Our Team Members take pride in obtaining the freshest, longest-lasting blooms to keep your bouquet looking amazing. Create your own or pick up some ready-made bouquets from our stores! Some of our seasonal offerings include:

hydrangea in glass vase
  • Wonderfully scented.
  • A beautiful explosion of colour.
  • Offered in a colourful pot (not pictured).
colourful tulips
  • Locally grown, fresh-cut tulips.
  • Available in 10- or 20-stem bouquets.
  • Offered in a variety of gorgeous spring hues.
hyacinth in vase
  • An incredibly fragrant springtime flower.
  • Rich in colour, it’ll brighten up any room!
  • Offered in a beautiful vase (not pictured).

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