Sweeten your breakfast spread this Pancake Tuesday! Pick up a bag of our Premium Buttermilk Pancake Mix and let your imagination run wild! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite pancake recipes to fill your bellies at brunch. With these ideas in your pocket, we promise you’ll never look at pancake mix the same way again!

Recipe: Apple Pancakes with Warm Apple Cider Sauce

apple pancake recipe

A warmly-spiced recipe that you don’t have to wait for autumn to enjoy! These pancakes use apple in the batter and our beloved apple cider in the sauce. Don’t have apple cider on hand? Classic maple syrup is just as delicious!

Recipe: Maple Pouding Chômeur

maple pouding chomeur

You don’t have to visit a sugar shack to indulge in this classic Québecois dessert! This treat uses our pancake mix as the base of the cake and our Amber Maple Syrup for a deliciously sweet dish. A reinvented way to enjoy pancakes!

Recipe: Banana Pancakes with Banana Caramel Sauce

banana pancake recipe

A sweet breakfast that wouldn’t look out of place on a decadent brunch buffet! Inspired by Bananas Foster, this pancake recipe uses fresh bananas in the batter and in the sauce. Made with our Banana Bread Caramel Sauce, we recommend using any leftovers drizzled over ice cream!

Suggested Mix-Ins

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to make a full recipe! Why not add a dash of something interesting to the pancakes on the griddle? A few of our faves are:

Chocolate Chips

A classic at any age, use regular chips or chop up some chocolate for extra decadence. (We suggest our Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar for this route.)


A swirl of honey in a pancake once it’s ladled onto the grill is an easy upgrade! (Try our Buckwheat Honey or Pure Liquid Honey, both produced in Ontario.)


Add a dash of colour to pancakes while cooking, and top them with a swirl of whipped cream and more sprinkles! A fun option for adults and kids!


Hit up your Farm Boy produce department for some fresh berries! Chef tip: To prevent them from sinking to the bottom, dust berries in a light coating of flour beforehand.


Winter is citrus season! Lighten and brighten your pancakes with the zest and juice of two lemons in the batter. (Optional: Serve with our Whipped Honey Lemon Ricotta for a bonus treat.)


Everything tastes better with bacon! Instead of serving pancakes and bacon side-by-side, we suggest putting bacon directly into the batter! Chop up cooked bacon and sprinkle it directly into those cakes on the griddle. Use our Fully Cooked Maple Wood Smoked Bacon for added ease.

What pancake idea has inspired you? Share your delicious creations with us on social, discover deals in our flyer, and shop for everything you need at a Farm Boy store near you!

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