International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day 2023 - Hero Image

This International Women’s Day, let’s embrace our Farm Boy team and the entrepreneurs whose relentless dedication to freshness is what has earned our customers’ trust, making us their number one choice for fresh, tasty products.

At Farm Boy, we are committed to providing our customers with a vast array of products that also focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Supporting local small businesses is a core value for Farm Boy, which allows us to partner with women entrepreneurs, offering a diverse range of quality products. Discover some of the local women entrepreneurs we take pride in working with.

Proudly supporting
locally-owned women-led businesses
and entrepreneurs


Rula Sharkawi,
Founder & CEO

My Little Chickpea

Rula’s love of food started in her Grandma’s kitchen – exploring the essential ingredients of her culture, and understanding how the purest, simplest meals always taste best. Today, My Little Chickpea Gourmet Foods (MLC) has grown to be an award-winning gourmet plant-based producer of energy-giving nutrient-dense foods that help busy people eat well. 


Azra Zahirovic,
Founder & CEO

Real Sweets Bakery Corp.

Diagnosed with a rare heart disease 12 years ago, Azra founded Real Sweets Bakery Corp with a vision – Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. With a goal for customers to experience natural, real, healthy foods, Ontario-based Real Sweets Bakery manufactures and sells food using only natural, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.  


Sheena Russell,
Founder & CEO

Made With Local

Sheena Russell started in 2011 at a simple farmer’s market table, baking bars for her local community, with local ingredients. A B-Corp certified food provider available at stores across Canada – Made with Local mission is to continue nourishing their local community through local suppliers and social enterprises and to be the voice of intuitive, mindful nourishment in local grocery stores’ snack aisle. 


Emily Briffa,

Peachey Honey Farms/TrueBee

Founded on the vision that everyone should have access to quality, nutritious, local foods – Peachey Honey Farm is a local, family owned & operated apiary that produces and packs their own small batch artisanal honey products.  Emily, her husband and three children, strive to produce the highest quality honey products at the best value, while also inspiring health and well-being with one of nature’s greatest superfoods.  


Surria Fadel,
Co-founder & COO

Cedar Valley 

Founded on a surge of demand for Surria’s authentic Lebanese family recipes, (and a business plan from her 16 year old son), Cedar Valley products have grown to be enjoyed by families across Canada. Using Canadian techniques and ingredients, Cedar Valley envisions a better future for Canadian Eaters – Blending flavourful and family-focused foods with local ingredients, handiwork, and a touch of fun in every bite.  

Let’s embrace our team and
local entrepreneurs!

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