What is Challah?

A rich egg bread, challah (pronounced haa-luh) is traditionally enjoyed on the Jewish sabbath and holidays. Braided or twisted, challah bread can be served in different shapes or sizes. For Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), challah loaves are slightly sweeter, baked in a round shape, and studded with raisins. Looking to really wow and feed a crowd? Check out our gigantic 8-braid challah bread, which we created especially for celebrations as part of our catering program! (Although if you’ve got a big enough group at the brunch table, this fits your requirements perfectly!)

At Farm Boy, we’re proud to carry breads like this mammoth challah from the Rideau Bakery, a beloved Ottawa-based kosher bakery with nearly 90 years in the business of baking tasty, quality goods. Their family recipes have stood the test of time and developed quite the following in our community.

From sweet to savoury, here are a few suggestions on how you to up your challah game for maximum deliciousness!

Challah French Toast Bake

Impress a crowd with this easy overnight French toast bake!

Challah French Toast

Toasted Brisket Sandwich

Salt, fat, acid, heat: this sammie covers all your taste buds’ needs!


Apple, Brie, & Cheddar Challah Grilled Cheese

Ooey gooey goodness! Sweet and savoury with a melty, crunchy bite sandwiched between two golden slices of challah.

challah bread with honey

Whipped Honey Lemon Ricotta on Toasted Challah

Move over avocado toast! This sweet and simple honey lemon ricotta is your newest breakfast BFF.

whipped honey ricotta

Herbed Ricotta Spread on Toasted Challah

You could do sourdough, but toasted challah blends its natural sweetness with this savoury spread for major mmm.

herbed ricotta spread

Whichever way you bake, toast, eat, and enjoy your challah, we promise you won’t miss out on something delicious! Discover what’s baking at a store near you, scope out some deals in our flyer, place an order with catering, and share your creations with us on social!

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