Guide To: Farm Boy Fresh Soups

At Farm Boy, we make over 15 different varieties of soups from scratch in our kitchens. Discover your new favourite with our handy guide!

bowl of bisque

What’s in Season: Fall

Get ready to fall for the harvest season with a guide to what fruits and veggies are in store this time of year!

fall produce

How To: Use Challah Bread

Discover five sweet and savoury ways to enjoy challah bread that will make you want to add challah to your cart every shopping trip!

8 braid challah bread

How To: Cook With Squash & Pumpkin

Our harvest season chef collaborator, Camille Arcese, lays out the basics when it comes to cooking with squash and pumpkin, and provides a new recipe to put her lessons into practice.

What to Make With Apples This Fall

Make the most of Ontario’s apple season with these tasty ideas for what to make with apples this fall, highlighting which apples are best to use, and when they become available in our stores!

5 Lunch Ideas for Each Day of the Week

As the back-to-school season approaches, families are gearing up for a return to routines. Amidst the hustle and bustle, selecting the right source for nutritious and convenient food options becomes essential. This is where Farm Boy shines as a top choice for back-to-routine food needs.

5 Lunch Ideas for the week
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