Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, burgers and fries – some things just go well together! Add to that list a seasonal fave: apples and cheese! Sweet, tart, juicy, or crunchy apples are a match made in flavour heaven when paired with sharp, creamy, tangy, or nutty cheeses.

Learn which seasonal apples go best with some of our favourite Farm Boy cheeses for an autumnal-inspired snack, app, or charcuterie addition.

Gala Apples + Goat or Cheddar Cheese

Gala Apples

Crisp, fragrant Gala apples are a snacking fave, with or without the cheese. The mildly sweet taste of these blush-hued gems pairs beautifully with a stronger cheese, like our Original Goat Log. Not a fan of goat cheese? Galas also complement our Sharp Small Batch Cheddar (made with 100% Canadian milk!).

Ginger Gold Apples + Cheddar Cheese

Ginger Gold Apples

Similar to a Golden Delicious with its yellow skin, the Ginger Gold apple has a slightly spicy taste. Still sweet and juicy, it stands up well when paired with tangy English Cheddar. To really bring out those spicy notes, you can also try it with our Organic Double Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

Honeycrisp Apples + Blue, Brie, or Gruyere

Honeycrisp Apples

Sweet and juicy with honey notes (hence the name), the Honeycrisp apple is as delicious in-hand as it is in pies! The sweetness of this apple means it can handle some funky flavours, like blue cheese. If you’re not too keen on a stinky cheese, try it with something soft, like our Double or Triple Crème Brie. Alternatively, pair it with our Farmstead Gruyère; with its salty flavour, it’d be perfect in an apple-and-grilled cheese sandwich!

McIntosh Apples + Old or Sharp Cheddar

McIntosh Apples

An apple that often finds its way into baking! If you like a slice of cheddar cheese with your pie, it may because there are McIntosh apples inside! Sharp or aged cheddar pairs best with this sweet-yet-tart apple. For your snacking or charcuterie needs, we recommend our Organic 3 Year Old Cheddar or our Organic Extra Sharp Cheddar.

Spartan Apples + Blue or Cheddar Cheese

Spartan Apples in colander

A descendent of the McIntosh apple, Spartan apples can be recognized by their dark red skin and tender white flesh. Super juicy, this apple keeps its shape when cooked. Its juiciness complements strong, savoury flavours, like those found in blue cheese or our Welsh Cheddar.

What delicious apple and cheese pairings will you try? Discover the freshest produce at a store near you, scope out some cheesy deals in our flyer, and share your combos with us on social!

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