Sporting a costume and decorating your home aren’t the only ways to get into the Halloween spirit! At Farm Boy, we’re all about the food – so of course we had to share some of our favourite Halloween snack ideas to celebrate the eeriest, most ghoulish day of the year. 

They’re simple to make and fun to eat!

1. Cobweb Dip

Halloween snack ideas: cobweb dip

This idea can be used to create many kinds of dips! All you need is a base as your main dip and then another ingredient to pipe as your web.

Here are some ideas you could try:

2. Mummy Dogs

Spooky mummy hot dogs with phyllo pastry

Wrap our All Beef Frankfurters in strips of our Frozen Phyllo Pastry to create your mummy’s dressing and bake in the oven. To make the eyes, you can punch out circles of black olive with a pastry piping tip and secure them to your mummy dogs using mustard. Serve them with ketchup and mustard for dipping.

You’ll Need:

3. Wormy Cupcakes

Halloween snacks: earthworm cupcakes with chocolate crumb and gummy worms

This earthworm-inspired Halloween snack idea is for our chocolate lovers! Crush some of our Chocolate Brownie Crispy Cookies into crumbs and generously sprinkle over chocolate cupcakes from our Bake Shop. Poke some holes in your cupcakes and fill with Farm Boy™ Gummy Worms to create this decadent earthworm-inspired treat!

You’ll Need:

  • Farm Boy™ Chocolate Brownie Crispy Cookies
  • Cupcakes from our Bake Shop
  • Farm Boy™ Gummy Worms

4. Jack-O’-Lantern Bean Dip

Carved orange pepper Jack-o'-lantern stuffed with bean dip

We love a good dip, especially when they come in edible containers! Prep this Jack-O’-Lantern bean dip by carving a face into an orange bell pepper with the seeds removed filling it with our Spicy Black Bean Dip. Spread handfuls of our Blue Corn Tortilla Chips around your pumpkin for dipping.

You’ll Need:

5. Monster Mouth Cookie Sandwiches

Halloween snack ideas: monster mouth cookie sandwiches with marshmallow teeth

Cookie meets creepy! Using your favourite Farm Boy Homestyle Cookies from our Bake Shop (we grabbed Peanut Butter) cut your cookies in half and spread the halves with Farm Boy™ Raspberry Jam (to resemble “blood”). Then place some mini marshmallows along the edge of one cookie half for your monster teeth. We used scissors to cut a couple of the marshmallows into pointy fangs.

Top with another cookie half like a sandwich and repeat. If you don’t want to use jam, you could also use peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, or our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. 

You’ll Need:

  • Homestyle Cookies from our Bake Shop (pick your favourite or grab a mix)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Farm Boy™ Raspberry Jam, peanut butter, or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

6. Cheese Ball Pumpkin

Halloween snack ideas: Farm Boy cheese ball shaped into a pumpkin

This idea dials down the spookiness, making it suitable as a Halloween snack or a general fall-themed snack (this would be great on a fall-inspired charcuterie board).

Wrap your handmade Farm Boy™ Fiesta or Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball in plastic wrap then wind some string around the ball to shape the grooves of your pumpkin. Carefully unwrap your ball, keeping the grooves you’ve made intact, and place them on a plate with our Double Baked Pita Crackers scattered around it. You could also use a butter knife to shape your ball into a pumpkin.

Cut the stem from a bell pepper and insert it into the top of the cheese ball to complete your cheese ball pumpkin.

You’ll Need:

7. Cheesy Witches’ Brooms

Halloween cheesy witch's broomsticks

Pick up a pack of your favourite Farm Boy sliced cheese and lay a slice out on a cutting board. Using scissors or a knife, cut strips along one edge of your slice, only going about halfway up. Then place your pretzel stick at one end of the cheese slice and roll to wrap the cheese around the “broomstick”. Fasten the rolled cheese with a strand of fresh chive and repeat for your other cheese slices!

Serve with some of our Italian deli meats and Cerignola Olives for a quick and easy spread.

You’ll Need:

8. Sweet & Salty Spiders

Halloween snack ideas: sweet and salty spiders made with mini doughnuts and pretzels

This Halloween snack idea is the perfect salty-sweet combo. Snap some of our Twisted Pretzels (they’re the perfect large size) to create your arched spider legs. Then poke your pretzel legs into a Mini Double Chocolate Doughnut from our Bake Shop (soft chocolate dough filled with white chocolate – delicious). Fasten some candy eyeballs or chocolate chips to your doughnut using icing or peanut butter to create your spider’s eyes and that’s it! 

You’ll Need:

  • Candy eyes (or you can make eyes using chocolate chips)
  • Peanut butter or a small tube of premade icing to secure eyes 
  • Farm Boy™ Twisted Pretzels
  • Double Chocolate Mini Doughnuts from our Bake Shop 

9. Spooky Fruit Platter

Halloween snack ideas: decorated fruit platter

For a healthier sweet Halloween snack idea, try decorating sliced fruit with raisins and melted chocolate to create make ghosts, monsters, and more! Here are some ideas to create a spooky fruit platter:

  • Banana ghosts with dark chocolate chip or raisin eyes (you could even dip in melted white chocolate and let cool, then add the eyes)
  • Peeled kiwi Frankensteins with drizzled melted dark chocolate for hair and mouth and mini chocolate chips for eyes
  • Monster mouths (like idea #5 above), but made with apples, peanut butter, and marshmallows
  • Yogurt cobweb dip with drizzled chocolate web
  • Clementine pumpkins made with peeled clementines and thin slices of celery inserted into the tops for pumpkin stems
  • Grapes sliced in half and decorated with white and dark chocolate to make eyeballs
  • Mummy strawberries drizzled white chocolate to make the mummy’s wrapping, and two chocolate chips for eyes

Discover everything you need at a store near you and scope out some spook-tacular deals in our flyer! Have any other fun Halloween snack ideas? Tag us in your spookiest creations on social media and we’ll share some of our favourites!

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