Vendor Spotlight: Harry and Heels California Donuts

Few things are as satisfying as biting into a huge, puffy donut. The soft, fluffy texture, the crack of a sugary glaze, and the sweetness that floods your palate are pretty unparalleled. Whether you spell them “donut” or “doughnut”, one thing’s for sure: they’re definitely delicious.

At select Farm Boy stores, you’ll discover cases filled with donuts provided by Harry and Heels, a shop based out of Toronto (and out of a pizza kitchen!). Created by owner Shant Mardirosian, the culinary mind behind popular spots like The Burger’s Priest and The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria, is now sharing his newest, sweetest venture: Harry and Heels Donuts.

At Farm Boy, we’re thrilled to be able to partner with so many incredible local vendors, including Harry and Heels. As we strive to provide our customers with the best in terms of quality, value, freshness, and convenience, we hope you’ll give this sweet addition a taste!

Harry and Heels donut dipped in pink glaze

Taste the Difference

So, what makes these donuts different? Unlike other fried donuts, Harry and Heels’ donuts are California-style donuts. According to those in the Golden State, that means a big donut, one that is super soft and flavourful with classic toppings. As more and more bakeries have gone the gourmet route with their sweets, using exotic ingredients and complicated baking methods, Harry and Heels is focused on doing simple things well – nothing more, nothing less.

The biggest difference between a regular donut and a California donut is the texture. That light, fluffy pastry serves to highlight the delicious simplicity of the ingredients. No dense donuts here! With everything made from scratch, we’re proud to be able to offer such high-quality treats in our Farm Boy stores.

display of Harry and Heels donuts in clear case at Farm Boy store

Some Sweet Picks

For our valued customers, we’ve selected eight of Harry and Heels’ best-selling flavours to offer fresh daily in our stores.

Harry and Heels apple fritter

Apple Fritter

One of the most popular options available is the apple fritter. Made by repurposing cut-out donut holes, these fritters are thick, full of apple chunks, and sprinkled with a generous amount of cinnamon and other warm spices. Understandably, these gigantic donuts are quick to sell out!

Pairs Well With: The rich, warm spice of this apple fritter requires a beverage that can stand up to all that flavour. Our retro-style Farm Boy™ Ginger Beer is spicy, naturally sweetened with cane sugar and makes a delicious companion to this supersized treat.

Harry and Heels chocolate cream donut

Chocolate Cream Filled

Lush and decadent, this chocolate cream-filled donut is like a round éclair. Stuffed with an airy vanilla cream, it’s it’s light, indulgent, and impossible to stop at just one bite.

Pairs Well With: The delicious, creamy filling of this donut requires something that can cut through the sweetness. Brew up a fresh cup of our full-bodied and bold Farm Boy™ Dark Roast Coffee for a taste that satisfies.

Harry and Heels chocolate skor donut

Chocolate Skor

Chocolatey, caramelly, and nutty, this donut is a textural explosion! Enjoy tender, fluffy dough covered in a sweet chocolate glaze and sprinkled with Skor bits for a little added crunch.

Pairs Well With: Amplify those notes of caramel with our Farm Boy™ Caramel Flavour Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Chocolate and coffee already make for a decadent combination, but adding a double dose of caramel to both takes this tasty experience to the next level.

cinnamon sugar donut on wood background

Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet, sticky, and so cinnamon-y! Similar to the original glazed donut, this version amps things up a bit with the additional topping of cinnamon and sugar.

Pairs Well With: Aromatic and spicy, try our Farm Boy™ Spiced Chai Tea Latte Mix hot or iced for a fragrant duo that pairs beautifully with this cinnamon sugar donut.

maple dip donut

Maple Dip

California donuts with a Canadian twist! The maple-flavoured glaze of this donut is sweet and fragrant, the perfect complement to the fluffy, puffy, tasty treat.

Pairs Well With: If it’s fall, we suggest cozying up with autumnal flavours and pairing this donut with apple cider. Any other time of year, however, and we recommend our Farm Boy™ Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay. The fruity notes of this zero-proof beverage complement the underlying hints of toffee and vanilla in this maple-flavoured donut.

Harry and Heels glazed donuts

Original Glazed

The OG, or original glazed, shows how good simplicity can taste. Light, fluffy, and as huge as their other offerings, this donut is iced with a sweet milk glaze for a crackly, sugary bite that gives way to a plush interior.

Pairs Well With: A classic donut choice deserves a classic drink pairing. Enjoy this sweet treat with a hot cup of Farm Boy™ Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee.

Harry and Heels pink cartoon donut

Pink Cartoon

Perfectly named, this donut looks like, well, a pink cartoon! Round and puffy, it’s iced with a sweet pink vanilla glaze and decorated with rainbow sprinkles. For the kiddos, or the kid in you, it’s a nostalgic flavour-ite!

Pairs Well With: It’s pink vibes only with a drink that’s as bright and cheery as this donut! Sip on a glass of ice-cold Farm Boy™ Strawberry Lemonade for a pairing that balances both sweet and tangy.

Harry and Heels cherry filled donut

Strawberry Filled

A classic option for the nostalgic among us, this cherry-filled donut explodes with thick, gooey, fruity filling. Covered in a glaze rather than the usual powdered sugar, be sure to have a few napkins handy when you settle down to enjoy it.

Pairs Well With: Add some sparkle to your sweet! Crisp and refreshing, sip on any of our Farm Boy™ Organic Sparkling Waters. The bubbles work as a refreshing palate cleanser for the juicy, fruity flavours of this donut.

Discover a Farm Boy location near you to pick up one (or six) of these classically delicious donuts!

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