How To: Build the Ultimate Burger

Endlessly customizable and always delicious, the humble hamburger can be dressed up or dressed down. Vegan, keto, or gluten-free, there’s a burger for every dietary decision and lifestyle! You can take inspiration from different countries, different cuisines, or even different meals! (Egg on a burger, anyone?) To get you hungry for summer, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to build the ultimate burger of your BBQ dreams using some of our favourite Farm Boy products! Design your own burger creation by finding these items at a store near you!

Step One: Build on a Bun

Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns

The vessel, the vehicle, the base of any good burger starts with a good bun. We’ve got loads of options depending on your dietary needs to ensure that no patty travels alone.

Brioche Buns: Fluffy, soft, and available in Regular or Sesame, it’s a classic burger bun option.

Keto Buns: Loaded with protein and fibre while staying low in carbs and 100% vegan!

Gluten-Free Buns: No gluten but maximum taste! Soft in texture, they’re free of regular allergens and totally vegan!

Thin Buns: Prefer to really taste that patty? Our Thin Buns are sturdy enough to hold even the biggest burger.

Step Two: Pick a Patty

Dressed Burger Lineup

The core of any good burger is, well, the patty at the centre of it all! Fresh or frozen, plant-based or carnivorous, we have something for every palate in our Chef, Meat, and Seafood Departments!

Salmon Burger: Seasoned with lemon, garlic, and dill, and available frozen for your convenience!

Turkey Burger: Loaded with aromatics like lime, ginger, and coriander for bright, punchy flavour.

Beef Burger: A classic! Available fresh or frozen in a variety of flavours like Jalapeño Jack, Maple Chipotle, or Poutine!

Plant-Based Burger: Tender in texture and powered by plants so no one misses out at the grill!

Step Three: Choose Some Cheese

Selection of Farm Boy Vegan Cheeses

Sure, you could do packaged slices of processed cheese (and we wouldn’t blame you!), but the whole wide world of cheese exists within our very own Cheese Shop! Here are some of our recommendations.

Organic Cheese: For an artisanal flair made with 100% Canadian organic milk, any of our organic cheeses are a classic burger option.

Vegan Cheese: Opting for a plant-based diet? Our line of vegan cheeses ensure you don’t miss out on a dairy-free melting experience.

Goat: A cheese that holds its shape, it’s a tangy option that can stand up to bolder flavours (think salty bacon or sweet onions).

Double Cream Brie: With an ooey-gooey melt, it’s a decadent choice for an indulgent, cheesy bite.

Step Four: Pop On Some Produce

Avocado on a Burger

Summer is the season of the freshest produce with the best variety, and we’re proud to offer your favourites for all those backyard BBQs and park picnics. Tomatoes, lettuce, and onions are definitely classic burger produce toppings, but we have a couple others to recommend.

Pickles: Crunchy and refreshing, our Garden-Fresh Pickles go from vine to store in just 48 hours! Crisp and perfectly-sized for a burger, they come in Regular or Spicy options.

Avocado: Creamy and luscious, avocado works as both a spread and a veggie! Try whipping it up into homemade guac if you’re feeling ambitious! (Or pick up some our ours!)

Peaches: They might seem strange at first, but peaches on a burger are a flavour bomb! Slice ‘em and throw ‘em on the grill for a little char, then top with a creamy cheese for something decadently different.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms have a pretty subtle flavour, which is why they taste so great when you jazz them up with sauces and spices! We always have a variety in our stores, so try a few to discover your favourite!

Step Five: Slather On Some Sauces

Lineup of Farm Boy Mayonnaises

No one likes a dry burger, and that’s where sauces come in. Ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo are standard and are excellent options. If you’re feeling slightly more daring or just want to dip a toe into something new, check out some of our unique suggestions.

Flavoured Mayo: Regular mayo is great, but we’ve also got some amped-up flavoured versions—and with a condiment called, literally, “Burger Sauce”, you know it’s meant to be slathered on some buns. Try other options like Chipotle, Dijon, or Roasted Garlic & Herb.

BBQ Sauce: The world of BBQ sauces is varied and we have a lot of options! Smear it on a bun or use it as a marinade or dipping sauce! Sweet, sticky, tangy, or spicy, you can discover your new favourite in our Guide To: BBQ Sauces.

Gourmet Mustard: Tangy, zippy, and oh-so-gourmet! Our line of artisanal mustards come in an assortment of flavours from spicy Jalapeño Stout to elegant Champagne & Honey.

Ajvar: A roasted red pepper spread, our Ajvar is a traditional Balkan-style relish. Full of flavour, you don’t need a whole lot else to bump up your burger.

Step Six: Wow With Something Wild

Farm Boy Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Compote on a Burger

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, you’re set up with a pretty taste burger! However, if you want to get a little crazy with your ‘cue, might we suggest some unexpected, out-of-the-box burger toppings?

Macaroni Salad: You’ve heard of macaroni & cheese on a burger, but what about macaroni salad? Creamy, tangy, and with just the right amount of texture, it’ll be your new summer favourite!

Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Compote: In summer, sometimes it’s just too hot to turn on the stove and caramelize a batch of onions! That’s where we come in. Our Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Compote is sweet, flavourful, and delicious on a big, juicy burger.

Potato Chips: Texture is majorly important when it comes to food, and adding a layer of crispy, crunchy potato chips just kicks things up a notch! Ours are gluten-free and kettle-cooked the old-fashioned way. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the original – try any of our flavours!

Kimchi: Spicy and tangy, if you like pickles, then meet kimchi, your burger’s new BFF! A Korean condiment made from fermented cabbage, it’s best complemented with a cooling mayo or sour cream.

What kind of burger will you create? Find what you need at a store near you, scoop up some great deals in our flyer, and share your tasty burgs with us on social media – we love to see what you can do with our products!

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