Canada Day is a time of the year to celebrate our wonderful nation and the rich heritage, legacy of perseverance, and the natural wonders that we have available to us. Today, it symbolizes even more than that. It is a holiday where we gather with loved ones in enjoyment of our country’s boundless adventures. From exploring the parks, picnic dates, beach days with friends, or going to the cottage with family, we do it – together. With a little help from us, make this Canada Day another beautiful memory on a lane of endless wonders. Below are a few ideas for where you can go, what you can snack on, and what kinds of fun meals you can make along the way.  

Person hiking in Canda forest!

Get out there and ADVENTURE.

Places to go.

At a glance:

Location: Prince Edward Peninsula, Ontario to Brockville, Ontario. 

  • Multiple Islands along the St. Lawrence River and North Eastern Lake Ontario 

Things to do

  • Check out the various nature trails. 
  • Go camping under the stars along the St. Lawrence. 
  • Take a guided boat cruise. 
  • Kayak, canoe, or paddle board for an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience! 

Tiny Beaches 

tiny beaches

More info:

At a glance:

Location: Tiny Township (Just northeast of Wasaga)  

Things to do

  • Bask in the glow of the gorgeous, turquoise waters of the Nottawasaga Bay!
  • Sunbathe and picnic on the clean beaches. 
  • Go for a shoreline stroll with a little ice cream in hand. 

At a glance:

Location: Grand Bend, Ontario (Northwest of London, Ontario)

Things to do

  • Enjoy the pristine beaches and waters. 
  • Many family-owned shops with unique home goods, clothing, jewellery, and locally made artisan products and artworks. 
  • All kinds of dining experiences from quick eats to upscale. 
  • Visit the seasonal farmer’s markets running bi-weekly on Wednesdays. 

Pelee Island 

Pelee Island lighthouse

More Info:

At a glance:

Location: Pelee, Ontario (Lake Erie)

Things to do

  • Pelee Island produces some of the best wines; plan a winery tour! 
  • Enjoy the bike trails. 
  • Relax and refresh yourself in the natural wonders on the Island. 
  • Plenty of local artisan shops and eats. 

Small Town Road Trip 

Elora Ont.
Elora, Ontario

At a glance:

Locations: Paris, Elora, Thornbury, Unionville, Port Stanley, Dundas

Things to do

  • All these places have one thing in common; old town charm and some with a little European twist!  
  • Peaceful day trips to extended stay-overs, there’s plenty of local shops, attractions, natural beauty to explore. 
  • Local specialties and the flavours of the season are on display. Try out a restaurant or two as you walk the downtown cores. 

Tip: Keep a disposable film camera or instant film camera to chronicle your trip! It’s a fun way to look back on fond memories and is a physical keepsake too. 

More Info:

Things to snack on.

Every road trip consists of basic things that make the time spent traveling more enjoyable. Games, conversation, music, sleep, and snacks all contribute to nostalgic memory building.  Having a great set of munchies and treats can really boost everyone’s mood and add to the holiday fun! Check out our top picks and honourable mentions for the best pick-ups on the way to your final stop! 

Our Top 3

Cocoa Snack clusters
Cocoa Snack Clusters
  • A crunchy mix of nuts, seeds, cocoa, and a touch of maple syrup.
  • High-fibre.
  • Made in Ontario!
Lebanese hummus
Authentic Lebanese Hummus
Bistro Box
Charcuterie Bistro Box
  • Perfect grab-n-go snacker! 
  • Savoury favourites like mini bocconcini, Napoli pepperoni, and pita chips. 

Other road trip worthy treats:

Things to sip on.

A crisp and refreshing drink not only helps you cool down under the hot sun, but brings on a sense of relaxation and calm. When you want to #slowdownsummer a little to enjoy the moment, opt for tasty sip of our unique array of drinks. On the road, at a stop for lunch, or when it’s time to enjoy the evening sunset, the right “bev” can make all the difference. 

Our Top 3

FB Nitro Cold Brew Coffee-1
Vanilla Flavour Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • Excellent choice for java to-go! 
  • Have straight out of the can or on the rocks. 
  • Add a little cream or use it in a cocktail. 
Pineapple Sparkling
Organic Pineapple Sparkling Water
  • Refreshing drink with fruity aroma. 
  • Add fresh fruit for a boosted flavour. 
  • Try it in a pina colada!  
Peach Cold Brew Tea
Peach Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea
  • Botanical infused herbal tea. 
  • Organic & Caffeine Free. 
  • Great in a mixed drink! 

Other road trip worthy “bev’s”:

Things to eat.

Having quick meal options and ready-to-eat dishes can help save time and energy for other activities you have planned. Get a cooler ready with ice or cold packs and take some pre-prepared foods to eat along the drive, at a stop, or when you arrive at your destination. Below are some appetizers, mains, and desserts that require minimal effort, but provide maximum flavour! 

Our Top 3

Nduja Di Spilinga
Nduja di Spilinga
  • Rich, buttery, and spicy. 
  • Makes an excellent appetizer or snack with rustic crackers. 
  • Try it in a sandwich with roasted veggies and cheese! 
Farm Boy Salads
Fibre First Salad
  • Personal sized for stress free eating. 
  • Full of greens, fibre, proteins, and seeds. 
  • Shareable! 
lemon thyme loaf
Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake
  • Ultra moist and soaked in lemony syrup! 
  • Herbaceous & fresh aroma. 
  • Add fresh berries and cream for a summery dessert. 

Other road trip worthy eats:

Things to make.

The sound of sizzling barbecue amongst the laughter of friends or family in the background is the music that makes summer so special. Spending time together enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the season can create wonderful memories for us to cherish.

Top picks


  • Bring a portable gas stovetop or grill on camping trips!  
  • Cook over a fire using skewers or grill baskets. 
  • An air fryer is useful portable appliance that can cook anything. 
  • A single frying pan, tongs, and a spatula provide just enough versatility for anything you need to cook. 

Recipes to try.

Grilled Chicken BLT

View these tasty recipes:

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