With its rich golden or amber colour, distinct flavour, and sweet taste, it’s no wonder that in Canada maple syrup is referred to as “liquid gold”. (In fact, in 2011 and 2012, the “Great Maple Syrup Heist” occurred, which saw the loss of nearly 3000 tonnes of maple syrup – about $18 million!)

Loaded with antioxidants as well as minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, maple syrup has enjoyed a reputation as a superfood and can be incorporated into your lifestyle in a variety of ways. Some unexpected methods include infused in cocktails, mixed in your morning coffee, as a salad dressing, or even as an ingredient in face masks! At Farm Boy, we love using the good stuff in loads of our products, from savoury to sweet, and we wanted to share our favourites to add to your next shopping list!

Maple Mini Stroopwafles

We recommend picking up two bags of these on your next trip in because the first one will be gone in one sitting – that’s how good these are! Stroopwafels are a thin sandwich cookie made from waffles that are sliced in half and slathered in an irresistible maple caramel. Crunchy and chewy, they’re texturally perfect. We won’t blame you if you don’t wanna share.

Amber Maple Syrup

A staple in our own kitchen, we invite you to try our amber maple syrup in yours! Like most of our Farm Boy™ products, our pure syrup was developed through a longstanding relationship with a local supplier. In this case, our syrup is made from a fifth-generation maple syrup farm near Woodstock, Ontario. We don’t mess with the fake stuff around here: this is authentic maple syrup, and the difference can definitely be tasted.

Gelato is ice cream’s velvety, richer Italian cousin, and this flavour blends European and Canadian sensibilities! Our traditional vanilla gelato base gets crumbled Farm Boy™ Maple Creme Cookies (peep #7!) folded in so as not to disrupt that luxurious feel we’ve come to associate with this creamy treat. Silky smooth with a deliciously sweet and nostalgic taste of maple throughout, it’s a seasonal fave that doesn’t stay in our freezers for long!

Maple Flavour Nun’s Pastry

We’re sweet on these pastries and we think you will be, too! A creation that comes from France and Québec, these nun’s pastries are made from flaky pie dough rolled with a brown sugar maple filling. A French-Canadian classic, they’re delicious when paired with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or crumbled over vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Pure Maple Sugar

We’re used to snow in Canada, but this pure maple sugar may be the sweetest snow around! Packaged in an easy-to-use bottle, try it on your oatmeal, apple slices, ice cream, or dusted across your morning latte. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, it can be used as an ingredient in a rub for meats like pork or chicken! A deliciously natural alternative to refined sugar, it’s the gold flakes to syrup’s “liquid gold”.

Maple BBQ Sauce

The South may have a monopoly on what constitutes good BBQ, but this maple BBQ sauce will certainly have us singing the praises of the Canadian grill! Made with pure maple syrup, it goes great with ribs, burgers, chicken, and more! Try it as part of your marinade recipe or slather it on a burger bun and you’ll see what we had to add to our Top 10.

Maple Creme Cookies

Is there anyone who doesn’t love these maple cream cookies? A Canadian classic, they’re an all-time fave for good reason! Whether you split them apart to lick that maple cream, dunk them in milk, or bite through them whole, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these guys. Made with pure maple syrup, it’s basically impossible to resist indulging in just one.

Maple Chocolate Almonds

Maple? Good! Chocolate? Good! Almonds? Good! It’s a trifecta of goodness packed into a handy little bag! White chocolate really allows the maple flavour of these gems to come through and that crunch of almond makes it difficult to stop ourselves from finishing the whole bag. Keep them on hand as a snack or a treat, but remember that you’ve been warned!

Vegan Maple Walnut Crispy Cookies

Who said plant-based foodies can’t have fun? Not us! As part of our extensive range of vegan options, we’ve added these Maple Walnut Crispy Cookies. With a delightful crunch, these extra-thin cookies are so rich you might be surprised to know that they’re totally dairy-free! Studded with chunks of walnuts, they’re a not-too-sweet cookie that really lets the maple flavour shine. We recommend dunking them in your favourite plant-based beverage or crumbling them over some vegan ice cream!

Maple Pecan Cereal

100% natural with no preservatives or added sweeteners, you can feel good about tucking into a bowl of this cereal! Full of wholesome Ontario oats and pecans, it gets sweetened with pure maple syrup. If breakfast isn’t your thing, try using this cereal atop some protein-packed yogurt or as an added crunch in salads!

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