The 2nd Annual Farm Boy Fan Fave Awards

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Tons of you responded to our question about what your favourite Farm Boy product was and after we tallied the votes, we finally have the answers! There were some dark horses in this race and a new Fan Fave was crowned #1, beating out last year’s winner, our Lemon Garlic Dressing!

If you’re new to the Farm Boy family, let this list guide you on some must-haves to pick up on your next shopping trip. While we can’t guarantee that all products are available at your local Farm Boy, we encourage you to check beforehand for item availability.

And now, onto the awards!

The Top Ten

Fave Overall: Spicy Eda-Yummy Kale Dip

Fan Fave #1 Spicy Eda Yummy Dip

Packed with edamame, kale, and a hint of jalapeño, this dip rose through the ranks to become our new #1! It’s an unexpected burst of flavour that’s totally unique to Farm Boy! Scoop up some of this deliciousness with our Lime Tortilla Chips for a bright and tasty afternoon snack.


Fave Snack: Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

Who’s salty here? Not us, because you picked our Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn as your Fave Snack! Made with only three ingredients, it’s hard to stop from chowing down the whole bag! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)


Fave Baked Good: Cruffies, Vanilla

Farm Boy Cruffies

Buttery and flaky, our muffin-croissant-doughnut hybrid is baked fresh in-store for an exceptionally tasty treat! Vanilla is our fan fave, but they’re also available in Lemon, Chocolate, and seasonal flavours like Eggnog or Pumpkin Spice!


  • 2. Homestyle & Plant-Based Cookies
  • 3. Sourdough Bread

Fave Beverage: Organic Sparkling Water, Orange Vanilla

Organic Orange Vanilla Sparkling Water

Crispy, refreshing, and infused with fruity flavours, our Sparkling Water is a delicious alternative to sugar-laden sodas. Our winning Orange Vanilla flavour tastes just like a Creamsicle!


Fave Meat or Seafood: Artisan Sausage, Chorizo

Fan Fave sausage

With a little smoke and a little spice, it wasn’t difficult to see why our Artisan Chorizo Sausage nabbed the top spot in Fave Meat or Seafood! Toss them on the grill or fry them up for a hearty breakfast component and you’ll be able to taste why it’s a fan favourite!

Runners Up:

Fave Cheese or Deli Product: Cheese Balls, Trio Pack

Cheese ball

Is it totally cheesy of us to say we love this trifecta of savoury goodness as much as you do? A crowd-pleaser that can be enjoyed as an app or included on a sharing table, the Trio Pack was a clear winner! The Trio pack includes the flavours Maple Bacon, Fiesta, and Cranberry Pecan.

Runners Up:

  • 2. Double Cream Brie
  • 3. Naturals, Turkey

Fave Chef-Prepped Product: Salad, Harvest Kale Salad

Harvest Kale Salad

Who said salad has to be boring? Not us, that’s for sure – and it seems that you agree! We have a huge variety of chef-prepped salads from Mediterranean Orzo to Thai Sweet Potato, but it was our Harvest Kale Salad that was crowned among them all. With a hearty blend of fresh kale, dried cranberries, zucchini, almonds, and our Farm Boy™ Harvest Rice Blend, it’s a nourishing veggie option you can feel good about.

Runners Up:

Fave Vegan Product: Vegan Cheese, Feta

Vegan Feta Style Cheese Alternative with fan fave flair

Going plant-based doesn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love, which is why we’re thrilled to be able to offer vegan alternatives! Our new Vegan Cheeses rose through the ranks to become your Fave Vegan Product, with Feta edging out the competition. Try it on salads, flatbreads, or pasta and we promise you won’t even miss the dairy with all that luscious creaminess.

Runners Up:

Fave Gluten-Free Product: Tortilla Chips, Blue Corn

Pro tip: All of our Tortilla Chips are gluten-free! You can scoop and snack to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content! Available in flavours like Ancient Grain, Chipotle, and Lime, it was colourful and flavourful Blue Corn that won you over in the end!

Runners Up:

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