Recipe Roundup: Vegan and Plant-Based

At Farm Boy, we strive to give our customers a fresh market experience. With long-lasting produce, made-from-scratch foods, and plenty of plant-based and vegan alternatives, tasty inspiration is around every corner. From dairy to proteins, in-store you’ll find an assortment of delicious products that will suit most of your dietary needs. We’ve compiled for you some of our favourite plant-based recipes to try that don’t compromise on flavour!

If you’re looking for a wholesome snack to enjoy throughout the week, this is it! Bursting with the natural sweetness of dates and maple syrup, combined with fibre-packed oats, chia seeds, and flax seeds—you’ve got the perfect treat. It’s full of crunchy and chewy textures that will satisfy and nourish you on busy days. Super easy to prepare, make batches of them for school lunches, workout sessions, and more.

Nutty Date Energy Bars

Full Recipe: Nutty Date Energy Bars

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Organic Pitted Natural Deglet Noor Dates, Farm Boy™ Large Flake Oats, Farm Boy™ Hemp Hearts.

This recipe is full of fresh ingredients and fun textures that will delight your taste buds. What makes this dish particularly crave-worthy is that you can swap out any of the components with different veggies, grains, proteins, sauces, and toppings. Get inspired with different cuisines from around the world from Korean, bibimbap, to Hawaiian, poke, the possibilities are endless.    

Korean BBQ Chicken-less Rice Bowls

Full Recipe: Korean BBQ Chicken-less Rice Bowls

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Vegan Chicken-Less Nuggets, Farm Boy™ Korean BBQ Grilling Sauce, Farm Boy™ Calrose Sushi Rice.

A classic takeout fave, this version of beef and broccoli is entirely plant-based. It’s a dish that is sweet, savoury, and comforting—not to mention, it’s super easy, taking under thirty minutes to make! If you are a fan of spice, finish with some chili oil or our hot sauce to add a little heat.

Plant-Based Beef and Broccoli

Full Recipe: Plant-Based Beef and Broccoli

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Vegan Beef-Less Tenders, Farm Boy™ Sweet Teriyaki Cooking Sauce, Farm Boy™ Jasmine Rice.

Poutine is a staple of Canadian cuisine. We’ve added a vegan twist to this scrumptious tradition and loaded it with mouth-watering flavours like mushrooms, caramelized onions, and rich gravy. Enjoy it as a side with a delicious mushroom burger or with a barbecue pulled jackfruit sandwich!


Full Recipe: Vegan Loaded Rainbow Poutine

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Rainbow Veggie Fries, Farm Boy™ Vegan Chicken-Less Nuggets, Farm Boy™ Vegan Brown Gravy Mix, Farm Boy™ Vegan Poutine-Style Curd Cheese Alternative.

Chia puddings are great vehicles of flavour and can serve as a refreshing treat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are loaded with fibre and soak up liquids like water, coconut milk, and other alternatives, to form a rice pudding-like texture. Serve it with fresh fruits, syrups, or virtually any toppings to make your own decadent creations.

Coconut Chia Breakfast Bowls

Full Recipe: Coconut Chia Breakfast Bowls

Suggested Farm Boy Items: Farm Boy™ Organic Coconut Milk, Farm Boy™ Amber Maple Syrup, Fresh Fruits.

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