Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! 3 ways to enjoy Farm Boy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Calling all chocolate chip cookie lovers! Our newest release is here in store: classic, crunchy chocolate chip cookies. Ours are slow baked and gently hand packed, and made with all natural ingredients from Ontario. We have been developing these cookies for five years! Five! We are serious chocolate chip cookie fans, so we had to get it right when it came to our very favourite treat.

We baked close to 20,000 cookies, and tweaked our recipe around 40 times until we were happy. That’s a lot of taste testing. The final result? Fragrant vanilla cookie base meets premium quality chocolate chips. These are the perfect cookies for lunch boxes, dipping in coffee, or midnight snacking. But that’s not all! Today we’re showing you three ways to have a little more fun with our new chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate Cookies

Cookies and Milk(shake)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake

What could be a more dynamic duo than milk and cookies? Since we know they go so well together, we have decided to make the ultimate chocolate chip cookie milkshake. With creamy vanilla ice cream, pieces of slow baked chocolate chip cookies, and a drizzle of luscious chocolate sauce to top it all off. Who could resist?


Milkshakes are very personal business – thick or thin, full of pieces or smooth, there are a lot of options. We recommend blending to your taste. Cold milk, scoops of vanilla ice cream, and of course, our chocolate chip cookies. Top with more cookies and some dreamy Farm Boy Chocolate Dessert Sauce.

We broke our cookies into pieces before blending to ensure more evenly sized chunks and distribution.

Give Us S’more!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores

Move aside, graham crackers. We are here to up your s’more’s game by using chocolate chip cookies as our sandwich component. Whether you’re at the cottage, camping, or making stovetop s’mores, Pull out all the stops by using this twist on an old favourite.


First, toast a marshmallow over a bonfire or (if you’re indoors) the stove, until golden and melty. Stack a piece of chocolate (milk or dark!) onto one cookie, then place the toasted marshmallow on top. Sandwich the second cookie on top and voilà, you’re all set. These are pretty serious s’mores, so get ready to unhinge your jaw to take a big bite.

Easy as Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Maybe you’ve tried to press in pie crust with graham crackers, or even gingersnaps. Did you know that you can do the same thing with the crunchy chocolate chip cookie just like ours? A chocolate chip cookie pie crust makes an incredible base for a decadent chocolate pie, or something creamier like a vanilla custard pie. With minimal baking, this is a great option for a fun summer dessert.

Inspired by this Milk & Cookies Pie, we imagine filling the crust with a creamy, vanilla custard or panna cotta. Or what about a peanut butter filling? You can’t go wrong.


You’ll need a food processor or a high powered blender for this one. For a 9 inch pie dish, pulse a whole box of Farm Boy Chocolate Chip Cookies in your food processor until they turn into crumbs. Mix in 3 Tablespoons of cooled melted butter, and 1/2 cup of sugar, until combined. Press into pie dish, making sure to flatten everything evenly – using the bottom of a water glass helps with this. Bake crust in a 350°F oven for about 10 minutes. Let cool completely before filling.

Got any more ideas for how to use our new favourite cookie? We’d love to hear them!

Cookie pie photo via Food52.

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