Thanks to our customers for participating in our first edition of Farm Boy Fan Faves! We asked what your favourite products were from 2020 and the results are in. 

A quick heads up: we can’t guarantee that all the products listed are currently available at the Farm Boy you usually shop at. Make sure to check with your local Farm Boy store to verify item availability.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Drumroll, please…

The #1 Favourite Farm Boy Product Overall

fan fave lemon garlic dressing

Farm Boy™ Lemon Garlic Dressing 

Our fans rave about our Lemon Garlic Dressing – its versatile flavour makes it a true winner. Pour into quinoa and pasta salads for added flavour, use it to dress up and brighten classic leafy greens, or even use it as a marinade for grilled meats!

Top 10 Faves Overall

  1. Farm Boy™ Lemon Garlic Dressing – a go-to for many.
  2. Farm Boy™ Fresh Salsa – your can taste the freshness! Give it a try with our Farm Boy™ Tortillas Chips – a must-have combo for the summer.
  3. Farm Boy™ Homestyle Soups – they taste just like homemade!
  4. Farm Boy™ Gourmet Burgers – made by us! Have you tried them with our Potato Buns?
  5. Farm Boy™ Spicy Kale Eda-Yummy Dip – yummy is right! Made with edamame beans and a bit of jalapeno for a slight kick. Try them with our Double Baked Pita Chips or Fattoush Chips.
  6. Farm Boy™ Artisan Sausages – choose from several different delicious varieties & flavours, including turkey!
  7. Farm Boy™ Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizzas – vegan options available, too!
  8. Farm Boy™ Homestyle Hummus – have you tried it in a veggie bowl? Made with simple, fresh ingredients for an authentic taste!
  9. Farm Boy™ Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn – the ultimate movie snack popped with coconut oil.
  10. Farm Boy™ Bagels – made in-store and perfect for quick breakfasts! Do you like a savoury or sweet bagel?

Favourite Snack 

himalayan pink salt popcorn

Farm Boy™ Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

The perfect snack for your summer picnics and movie nights! Popped with coconut oil, seasoned with just the right amount of pink Himalayan salt, and just 35 calories per cup!

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Pita Chips (& Dips)

Farm Boy™ Tortilla Chips & Fresh Salsa

Favourite Farm Boy Bake Shop Goodie

fan fave chocolate cruffie

Farm Boy™ Cruffies

Part croissant, part muffin, and completely delicious! Filled with sweet vanilla custard, chocolate, or lemon curd and baked in-store.

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Farm Boy™ Butter Tarts

Favourite Beverage 

fan fave organic kombucha

Farm Boy™ Organic Kombucha

Handcrafted in small artisanal batches using only premium ingredients and a rich blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and cleansing acids. Try this recipe for our Strawberry Mojito Kombucha Mocktail using our Canadian Berry flavour.

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Sparkling Organic Flavoured Water

Farm Boy™ Organic Eggnog

Favourite Product from our Cheese & Deli Shops

fan fave double cream brie

Farm Boy™ Double Cream Brie
Locally made in small batches in Ontario, our buttery Double Cream Brie is a star on any charcuterie board! Experience it in all its creamy glory by baking with drizzled honey or adding to a hot-pressed sandwich.

Honourable Mentions

St. Alberts Cheese Curds

Farm Boy™ Gourmet Cheese Balls

Favourite Product from our Meat Shop



How about tender salmon baked or grilled with a lemon, dill, and feta crumble? …anyone else hungry yet?

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Gourmet Burgers

Farm Boy™ Artisan Sausages

Favourite Fruit or Vegetable 



Beautifully ripe avocados guac our world – and apparently yours too!

Honourable Mentions



Favourite Chef-Made Dishes

fan fave chef prepped salad

Farm Boy™ Salad Bar Pre-Packaged Salads

Yes, salad can be exciting! We have so many different chef-prepped salad options and dressing flavours to choose from – there’s truly something everyone can enjoy. Pasta salad, broccoli salad, kale salad, keto salad, quinoa salad – the salad limit does not exist!

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Fresh Sushi

Farm Boy™ Homestyle Soups

Favourite Vegan or Vegetarian Product

fan fave vegan chicken nuggets

Farm Boy™ Chicken-less Nuggets 

These soy-based nuggets were a vegan staple from our Hot Bar that became so popular, we had to make them available for you to cook at home! Enjoy them with a dip, or, try them out in your next curry or stir-fry.

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Homestyle Hummus

Farm Boy™ Vegan Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizzas

Favourite Gluten-Free Product

fan fave gluten free pizzas

Farm Boy™ Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizzas

Lighten up pizza night with the crispy goodness of a cauliflower pizza crust! Pick up a crust that can customize yourself or grab one of our pizzas that already come topped like Margherita, Pepperoni & Cheese, Vegan Cheese Lovers, or Vegan Roasted Veg.

Honourable Mentions

Farm Boy™ Gluten-Free Pasta

Farm Boy™ Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn 

Did your favourite Farm Boy product make this 2020 list? Share with us on social what your favourite product is and how you cook with it!

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