We have to applaud the committed bakers who get an early start on their holiday baking, freezing homemade cookies and treats as they go. By the time they’re ready to build their annual Christmas cookie platters for family, friends, and/or neighbours, they have little baking to do and simply need to thaw their goodies and assemble their platters. 

Now, in theory, this kind of make-ahead-and-freeze strategy is a great idea! But you know how life is: things get busy, especially during the holiday season, and there isn’t always time for loads of baking. 

This year, why not make things easier on yourself? Bake a couple of things from scratch and fill in the rest of your holiday platters with tried-and-true Farm Boy treats that taste like they could be homemade! We won’t tell…

Here are some of our top contenders for filling your Christmas cookie platters. 

1. Farm Boy™ Fudge 

Our velvety, old-fashioned fudge is artisanally made using copper pots and a smooth marble table. Choose from classic flavours like Maple, Milk Chocolate, or Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Or, try our limited-time holiday flavours: Candy Cane and Eggnog!

2. Farm Boy™ Butter Cookies 

Our soft Butter Cookies are handcrafted in small batches using a family recipe that’s been passed down for three generations! Try these soft, buttery treats in Cinnamon, Ginger, and Almond Toffee. We have a feeling these might be Santa’s new favourite…

3. Farm Boy™ Dessert Squares 

In our Bake Shop service case, you’ll find trays of decadent Nanaimo Bar, S’mores Bar, Lemon Square, Date Square, Brownie, and Blueberry Tart! We love these options for holiday cookie platters because you can slice them into little squares and add a few to each platter you’re making.

4. Farm Boy™ Homestyle Cookies

You can’t go wrong with our Homestyle Cookies. They’ve got a soft and buttery texture that will have all tasters thinking you’ve made them yourself.

And your options are endless! Choose from crowd-pleasers like Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, holiday flavours like Gingerbread Molasses and Eggnog Shortbread, or plant-based options like Plant-Based Sugar Cookie!

5. Farm Boy™ Chocolate Covered Sponge Toffee

Our buttery, golden sponge toffee is made the traditional way in copper pots. Then, it’s cut into pieces and double-coated in either dark or milk chocolate! Use them to add a little variety and crunch to your holiday cookie platter.

6. Farm Boy™ Sweet & Spicy Ginger Cookies

The perfect middle ground between soft and crunchy – these cookies have a bit of a crunch and a chewy interior. They’re a bit smaller than our Homestyle Ginger Molasses Cookies and also have little pieces of candied ginger baked into them for the best pop of extra spice.

7. Farm Boy™ Wafer Rolls

An undeniably great cookie for pairing with your tea, coffee, or wintery hot chocolate (grab some hot chocolate inspiration from our post Hot Chocolate 7 Ways). Fine layers of crispy wafer are rolled, baked, and then filled with delicious hazelnut chocolate or lemon cream.

8. Farm Boy™ Snow & Gingerbread People Cookies

These soft and buttery sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies are decorated with sprinkles and cut into fun festive shapes before being baked in-store. Perfect with a glass of Farm Boy™ Organic Eggnog or milk!

9. Farm Boy™ Cinnamon Twists

These flaky Danish pastries are layered with with cinnamon and sugar, then hand-twisted and brushed with a glossy apricot glaze. PS. Tell those receiving your platters to serve these warm – it’s a game-changer!

10. Farm Boy™ Oatmeal Cookies

Perfectly crispy with a classic sweet oatmeal flavour. You can taste the care that goes into our slow-baked crispy Oatmeal Cookies. They’re made with quality ingredients, like soft oats and Canadian wheat and are hand-packed to ensure each cookie is just right.

We want to see what you’ve got! Share your best Christmas cookie platter with us on social & tell us which treat you’d go for first!

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