Inspiring Inclusion at Farm Boy

Each day, our dedicated Team Members strive to create an environment that embodies the spirit of inclusion. With empathy, compassion, and transparency, we continue to work to create a safe space that provides equal opportunities for all.


Inspiring Inclusion at Farm Boy

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Each day, our dedicated Team Members strive to create an environment that embodies the spirit of inclusion. With empathy, compassion, and transparency, we continue to work to create a safe space that provides equal opportunities for all.


Discover some of the fantastic women who have helped make us the number one choice for all things fresh and tasty!

Learn a little about them below and the ways that they look to #InspireInclusion.


Kate Bennett

Director, HR Employee Experience

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 12

“I take the effort to educate myself, learn from others' experiences, and receive feedback without prejudice. Keeping an open dialogue and including as many people as possible in conversations helps us grow and create an environment that is transparent and fair.”


Alessandra Bisaillon

Director of Marketing & Media Relations

Ottawa & Toronto Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 1.5

“As leaders, it is our responsibility to lead by example, be supportive, transparent, and inclusive. When we inspire collaboration and embrace diversity, we nurture a sense of belonging and empower those around us. I will continue to cultivate a culture where everyone feels free to create and innovate without judgement.”

Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle Ocampo

Chef Department Manager


Years at Farm Boy: 8

“Fostering inclusion in the workplace brings a sense of belonging, community, and pride in your work. As an immigrant, I understand the feeling of wanting to be heard and understood. Now that I’m a leader, I want to use this platform to help my coworkers feel like they belong in the workplace. To better understand them, I always try to communicate and listen without judgement. I want that to be an effective leader and a friend that they can actually lean on and not be feared.”

You never have to
ask anyone
permission to lead.

When you want to
lead, you lead.

– Kamala Harris

Nicole Salloum

Vice President, Admin Service Operations

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 6

“These words reminded me of my grandmother, a trailblazer in the local school system. At a time when women were expected to stay at home, she pursued her education at night school, led various charities, and supported numerous women in her community find their voice. She taught me the importance of living purposefully and continuously learning. By embracing growth, we can inspire others through our actions and help them fulfill their purposes. Whether it’s my daughters or colleagues, I have chosen to promote inclusion by actively seeking opportunities to empower and mentor women so that they can lead confidently without seeking permission. The ultimate reward is witnessing these incredible women move forward and create meaningful change.”

Catharine Rowe

Store Manager

Blue Heron

Years at Farm Boy: 7

“I strive to foster a work environment where employees feel comfortable, confident, and empowered, while promoting open-mindedness and a sense of belonging and relevance.”


Amy Bell

Manager, Art Direction

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 4

“Each day I try to engage everyone in my office and connect with them on a holistic level. I enjoy participating in team-building events and spirit-building events that foster an inclusive environment.”


Bina Gurung

Retail Admin Manager

Blue Heron

Years at Farm Boy: 2

“Listening and creating an environment that is sensitive to everyone’s backgrounds is key in creating a place where others feel valued and are treated equally.”


Tracy Falsetto

Manager, HR Admin

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 10

“I #InspireInclusion by being an accepting, supportive colleague and friend that listens and welcomes others’ views/opinions without any judgement. I encourage opportunities for learning and growth and feel that when you create an environment where women feel included, great things can happen. I work with so many amazing women who have always made me feel included and I am thankful that I get to work with them every day!”


Tia Heath

HR Partner

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 4

“Every interaction is valued and I actively seek to learn more about those around me. This year I was able to assist with providing training for our leaders on multicultural workforces. We hope to continue offering that training to many other areas of the business so we can best support our diverse teams.”


Liz Anderson

Director, IT Service Delivery

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 5

“I work to create a safe environment where others can share ideas, questions, and concerns freely. Taking the time to support team contributions and celebrating successes can truly make a lasting impact. Moving forward, I want to continue to share knowledge, coach, and mentor in any capacity that I can.”


Esther Azgomi

Assistant Store Manager


Years at Farm Boy: 4

“There are four things that I have followed in my personal life: embrace diversity, listen actively, show empathy, and foster understanding. Starting as a cashier and having worked hard to become assistant store manager, I understand the need to foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to succeed.”


Jennifer Ashley

Store Manager


Years at Farm Boy: 1.5

“I hope to inspire others by leading by example, setting strong personal and professional goals, challenging others to do their best, and celebrating the successes as well as opportunities. Open, respectful communication is key in allowing others to be their authentic selves”


Terri Fisher

Director, Retail Administration

Ottawa Home Office

Years at Farm Boy: 12

“My mom was a strong woman who inspired me to learn my way, despite my learning disability. Much of my success is owed to individuals that saw my challenges as opportunities to help me grow. I’m grateful to work in an environment that’s empathetic and uplifting. Every day I look to help others achieve their goals regardless of the path they take.”

Locally Owned, Women Led

Locally Owned,
Women Led

Businesses that empower change.

Come Back Snacks Logo

Emily O’Brien


Comeback Snacks
At Comeback Snacks, inclusion thrives through various initiatives. We share success stories, showcasing growth and the positive impact of justice-involved individuals. Our familial environment fosters trust, offering mentorship and autonomy when ready. We amplify narratives of fair chance hiring, with a growing array of success stories. Partnering with organizations like the John Howard Society, we disseminate reports highlighting the benefits of inclusive hiring practices. Additionally, we promote equal opportunities by posting job openings on platforms like Spotwork, ensuring accessibility to all applicants.
Pepper North Logo

Ana Stevens


Pepper North Artisan Foods
We are a small operation here, however I always have a voice at the table with decision making, and strategic planning. I aligned myself with women in business that were fearless, and were not afraid to use their voice. This encouraged me to pave my own way, and do things that matter on my own terms. To me inclusion and equity means that we all matter, and that we treat each other with respect, kindness and genuine appreciation.
Shaws Ice Cream

Kristine Hayes


Shaw's Ice Cream
Picking up the pieces of a shuttered ice cream company, Kristine, along with her two sisters, infused it with new life. Two decades later, the reinvigorated Shaw’s Ice Cream is thriving and selling their products across the country. Made with 100% Canadian dairy for a high-quality, irresistible product, Kristine and her team are committed to making life’s special moments a little sweeter.
Sweets from Earth

Ilana Kadonoff

Founder & President

Sweets From the Earth
In 2002, when vegan desserts were scarce, Ilana knew she had to take things into her own hands to satisfy her sweet tooth. Beginning in the basement of her home, Sweets From the Earth quickly outgrew its space and now boasts two allergy-friendly production facilities that ship across Canada and the US. Her family-run company has been listed as one of the fastest growing in Canada, with new plant-based treats added every day to keep mouths watering.

Let’s embrace and support our women!


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