Food is meant to be enjoyed, shared, and savoured, but rising costs can have us all feeling the pinch. At Farm Boy, we’re all about providing you with the best quality for the best value. With that in mind, we’ve developed a few tips and tricks that’ll help you eat healthy while staying on budget. Read on to discover some tasty recipes designed to stretch your meals and suggestions on how to keep that grocery bill down.

Tip #1: Check out flyers for sales.

Flyers hold a ton of great info about sales, new items, and more. Our Farm Boy flyer is full of great deals on what’s in store, so you can pick up the latest and greatest without breaking your budget.

Tip #2: Stretch your meals.

Gone are the days when “leftovers” were your least-looked-forward-to dinner meal. Instead, think of it as stretching your meals – and your dollar! Rather than having the same thing over and over, try reworking an existing meal into a brand-new dish. Purchasing a larger quantity of protein, veggies, and grains can help you transform one dinner into a few that’ll last throughout the week (without boring your tastebuds). A couple ideas:

  • Pick up a rotisserie chicken to enjoy as-is one evening. Any leftover meat can be used in a simple chicken pasta or salad recipe. The bones can be used to make chicken broth from scratch for a tasty soup!
  • Roast a side of salmon for one dinner (our Sweet & Spicy Togarashi Salmon makes great use of fillets). For whatever’s left over, chop up for kebabs, salmon salad sandwiches, or our Salmon Quinoa Cakes!

Recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

sheet pan chicken fajitas

Use the leftover veggies and meat from this hearty recipe for satisfying burrito bowls the next day!

Tip #3: Experiment with meatless alternatives.

Beans and lentils are an easy way to add protein to sauces and soups without skimping on flavour. Adding a plant-based dish or two to your weekly menu can help cut down your grocery bill while still being tasty and good for you!

Recipe: Quinoa & Veggie Jarred Salad

eat healthy on a budget dish: Quinoa and Veggie Jarred Salad

A fresh take on your standard work lunch! Good for your belly and the environment, this colourful salad packs in the protein with chickpeas and quinoa for a dish that fits your budget.

Tip #4: Shop in season.

At Farm Boy, we pride ourselves on offering the freshest produce that’s in season. Through our work with local farms and growers, we offer our customers the best quality for the best value. Shopping fruits and veggies when they’re in season usually makes for a less expensive bill at the register.

Tip #5: Buy canned and frozen.

Fresh not really fitting your budget? Canned and frozen items work just as well! From our seafood to our produce, items in our Frozen Department are flash-frozen to lock in flavour and nutrients. Canning or freezing doesn’t remove any of the goodness inside, so stock up on what you need to eat colourfully!

Recipe: Mediterranean Bean, Kale, & Quinoa Salad

eat healthy on a budget dish: Mediterranean Bean, Kale and Quinoa Salad

Canned chickpeas and mixed beans comprise this protein-rich salad that can be made in large quantities and saved for later.

Tip #6: Try the Farm Boy brand!

We’re very proud of the items under our Farm Boy label, which go through rigorous testing before they make it to our shelves. Products under our own brand have reached our standards of super-high quality while still maintaining excellent value. (Don’t know which items to try first? Check out our list of Fan Faves for some inspo!)

Discover everything you need to eat healthy on a budget at a store near you, score some deals in our flyer, and share your own tips and tricks with us on social!

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