The Ultimate List of Road Trip Snacks

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There’s nothing like packing up a car and setting out to a new location for a few days to reset and enjoy some solo time or quality time with family and friends. There are a few essentials that make for a great road trip experience – things like good tunes, a pre-downloaded podcast or two, sunglasses, and maybe some entertainment for kiddos.  But probably the most crucial component (in our biased opinion) of any road trip is – you guessed it – snacks! To help you prep for your next sweet summer escape, whether it be a 3-hour drive or a 12-hour drive, we’ve rounded up our top picks for car-friendly road trip snacks. 

Pro Tip: Always pack a small kitchen garbage bag and napkins for your road trips. Spills and crumbs happen!

Something to Snack

Salty, crunchy, sweet, sour – get yourself a good mix of items so no snack cravings go unsatisfied on the road! 


road trip candy

Farm Boy™ Crispy Cookies and/or Cookie Chips

Can’t go wrong with cookies! Both of these come in several flavours and they’re nice and light. 

Farm Boy™ Chocolate Covered Almonds and/or Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These are a must! Pack them as is or prep yourself a homemade trail mix with them sprinkled in. If you’re a coffee lover, our Farm Boy™ Café Latte Almonds are a must-try!

Farm Boy™ School Friendly Snacks

School’s out for the summer, but these snacks are in! These vegan superfood snack bars and cookies are made in Ontario with natural ingredients like dried fruits and rolled oats and they’re individually wrapped, so you can easily grab the amount that you need for your road trip.

Farm Boy™ Jelly Babies

Soft, chewy, sweet – they’re the perfect bite-sized treat!

Farm Boy™ Gluten-Free Shorties

These small cookie bites are gluten-free and vegan; they’re delicious whether you have dietary restrictions or not!

Farm Boy™ Snack Blends

Trail mixes made easy! They’re a variety of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate-covered goodies, and more in a car-friendly resealable bag. Try our Tropical Snack Blend and others for a selection of satisfying road trip snacks.


road trip beef jerky

Farm Boy™ Nut Crisps

They’re roasted peanuts wrapped in a potato chip! Yes, yes, yes!

Farm Boy™ Pepperoni Slims or Jerky

A wonderfully salty snack choice with protein!

Farm Boy™ Old Fashioned Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

This road trip staple is available in single-serving bags or regular-sized bags with many flavours to choose from like Sweet Potato, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Sour Cream & Onion.

Farm Boy™ Louisiana-Style Cajun Mix

This Louisiana-style blend of roasted nuts with a buttery candy coating, sesame sticks, and Cajun corn sticks has a nice subtle kick to it!

Veggies & Dip

Slice up some fresh carrot, bell peppers and cucumber and pack them in a bag with a creamy dip or hummus, like our Everything Bagel Dip or Organic Beet Hummus.

DIY Trail Mix

Add your favourite nuts, Farm Boy™ Sea Salt Popcorn, Farm Boy™ Pretzel Qs, Farm Boy™ Flax Corn Chips, Farm Boy™ Sesame Sticks, and toss it together for an easy mix. A savoury staple of road trip snacks.

Something A Little More Satiating

These picks are for those extra long car rides where you may be needing more than a few snacks. Ditch the fast-food stop en route to your destination and pack a Farm Boy™ Flexible Insulated Bag, or any other cooler bag, with some easy-to-prep options like these:


yogurt parfait

If you’re headed out first thing in the morning, you may not have time to indulge in a relaxed sit-down breakfast. If that’s the case, here are some options you can easily take with you on the road.

Overnight Oats

Add Farm Boy™ Large Flake Oats in a glass container or mason jar with 1-2 tbsp of chia seeds, add honey or pure maple syrup to taste and fresh fruit, pour your milk of choice over it so that it covers your ingredients, and put it in the fridge overnight before your road trip.

Farm Boy™ Egg Rounds

Just pop them in the microwave before you leave and enjoy!

Yogurt Parfaits

Make them the night before in reusable glass containers and grab them to go in the morning. Here’s our recipe for Fruity Maple Yogurt and Cereal Parfaits!


deli sandwich

Sandwiches are perfect for road trips – they don’t require cutlery, they’re easy to prep and pack well, they’re not too messy, and you can eat them in one sitting or take a few bites and save the rest for later. Here are some ideas for delicious sandwiches you can prep the night before, wrap, and pack on the morning of your trip.


Pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, and Farm Boy™ Naturals Double Smoked Bacon Rounds on a fluffy bun. Easy to make and delicious! Take out the bacon to keep it vegetarian. Here’s our Caprese BLT recipe!

New York Style Deli Sandwich

Stack sliced cheese, Farm Boy™ Dijon Mustard, Farm Boy™ Sauerkraut, and Farm Boy™ New York Deli Style Meat (like our Smoked Meat or Corned Beef), between two slices of rye bread.

Italian Panini

Stack a couple kinds of Farm Boy™ Italian Deli Meats (like Genoa Salami and Hot Spianata), add mayonnaise, Farm Boy™ Mild Pickled Eggplant, Farm Boy™ Hot & Sweet Pickled Peppers, and a bit of our Hot Mustard inside a sliced panini bun and press it down!

Something to Sip

road trip kombucha

A long car ride calls for major hydration – and coffee!

DIY Infused Water

Plain, simple, refreshing! In your favourite reusable bottle, add ice, fresh fruit slices or cucumber slices, and top with water!

Farm Boy™ Organic Kombucha

Keep your gut happy with our Organic Kombucha. It’s handcrafted in small artisanal batches and perfectly fermented with a rich blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Farm Boy™ Lemonade or Iced Tea

Available in single servings so you can easily pack one for everyone!

DIY Iced Coffee

Brew a pot of your favourite Farm Boy coffee blend the night before and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, fill a travel mug with your chilled brew, ice, and add sweetener and milk to your liking. Or, on the morning you leave, prepare a double espresso in a travel mug and add your sweetener. Fill it to the top with ice, pour in your milk, and stir!

Wishing you safe travels on your next summertime road trip!

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