Guide To: Farm Boy BBQ Sauces

Thick and spicy or sweet and tangy, everyone has a favourite BBQ sauce. Most contain the core ingredients of vinegar, tomato, and sugar, but other ingredients like mustard, ginger, and lemon can transform a standard ‘cue into something spectacular. This summer, we’re taking our grilling seriously, and we’ve got the essential guide to every BBQ sauce on our shelves.

Chimichurri BBQ sauce at picnic
Farm Boy Kobe BBQ Cooking Sauce

Kobe BBQ Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Sweet like a teriyaki sauce with the addition of aromatics like garlic and ginger. Familiar in flavour and versatile in use, it’s a must-have for the grill or stir-fry.

Use: Baste items like Farm Boy™ Organic Chicken Drumsticks, Chef-Prepped Plain Flattened Chicken, or fresh veggies with this thick sauce prior to cooking, and then give another generous coating right before serving.

Origin: Japan.

Farm Boy Chimichurri Grilling Sauce

Chimichurri Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Refreshing and pungent thanks to ingredients like cilantro, lemon, and garlic. Herbaceous with a slight kick of chili.

Use: Traditionally used as a steak sauce (like with our Beef Tenderloin), try it with our Chef-Prepped Chimichurri Flattened Chicken or roasted potatoes! It’s also delicious as a marinade to tenderize beef.

Origin: Argentina.

Farm Boy Peri Peri Grilling Sauce

Peri-Peri Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Spicy (“peri-peri” means “pepper-pepper” in Swahili) and lemony, with a zip of garlic.

Use: Marinate our Farm Boy™ Raw Argentinian Shrimp, Chicken Kebabs, or crispy tofu with this pungent sauce, use it for basting, and serve a little on the side for extra heat!

Origin: Portugal.

Farm Boy Korean BBQ Grilling Sauce

Korean BBQ Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Sweet and sour, with a thicky, sticky texture that lends well to caramelization.

Use: Marinate Farm Boy™ Organic Chicken Wings before slapping them on the grill, and then baste with a fresh coat before serving. Delicious as a burger topping on Farm Boy™ Signature Gourmet Burgers or tossed with Farm Boy™ Vegan Beef-Less Tenders!

Origin: Korea.

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