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Take a bite out of the season with some of our fresh ways to #slowdownsummer!

Hungry for afternoons spent at the cottage, for picnics in the park, for grilling, chilling, and enjoying all the flavours of summer? We’re ready to enjoy the bold tastes, thirst quenching drinks, and sizzling ingredients hot off the grill!

This summer, join us at Farm Boy™ to experience the best of the season’s offerings. From the most unique products to the tastiest recipes, we’ve got what you need to satisfy your cravings.

Fresh Farm Boy Finds

Farm Boy™ Fresh Salsa

A true summer staple for BBQs or picnics, our salsas are made fresh using high quality ingredients like tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, lime juice, and cilantro! Choose between Hot or Mild and get to dipping!

Farm Boy™ Organic Cold Brew Herbal Tea

Our roster of cold-brewed, herbal iced teas are made using a unique process of botanical infusion and low-temperature pasteurization to deliver the tastiest drink possible. Have this on the rocks and chill out under the hot sun!

Farm Boy™ Tortilla Chips

Our locally-made Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips are packed full of wholesome goodness like quinoa, amaranth, flax, corn and sesame seeds. Perfect on their own or dipped into fresh salsa or hummus.

Fresh Summer Recipes

Fresh Inspiration

Summer is a wonderful season of abundance. All around us there’s fresh produce growing, cold drinks flowing, and new opportunities to craft tasty creations.

Here are some grilling tips and other interesting tidbits from our Chefs to help you feel more confident in your grill skills. Discover fresh new ways to use the seasons local produce and proteins!

A trip to the cottage is full of relaxation, but most importantly, good FOOD! We have a list of essentials to cater the perfect getaway. From Farm Boy™ to your table, we’ve got you covered.

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