Guide To: Farm Boy BBQ & Cooking Sauces

Thick and spicy or sweet and tangy, everyone has a favourite sauce. Many contain the core ingredients of vinegar, tomato, herb, spices, and sugar, but other ingredients like mustard, ginger, soy sauce, and lemon can transform a standard BBQ or cooking sauce into something spectacular. Whether its grilling, roasting, or pan-frying, we’ve got the essential guide to every sauce on our shelves along with a few tasty tips to turn the flavour scale up a notch for your next meal! Stay tuned for future editions of “saucy” inspiration to help you get the most out of our sauces using a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Chimichurri BBQ sauce at picnic
Farm Boy Kobe BBQ Cooking Sauce

Kobe BBQ Cooking Sauce

Flavour: This sauce is the more savoury sibling to teriyaki’s sweet and syrupy flavour profile. Familiar in taste and versatile in use, it’s a must-have for the grill or stir-fry.

Use: Baste items like Farm Boy™ Organic Chicken Drumsticks, pork ribs, steak, or fresh veggies with this thick sauce prior to cooking, and then give another generous glaze right before serving.

Origin: Japan.

Farm Boy Chimichurri Grilling Sauce

Chimichurri Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Refreshing and bright thanks to ingredients like cilantro, lemon, parsley, oregano, and garlic. Herbaceous with a slight kick of chili, this sauce is versatile and can be used with meats and vegetables!

Use: Traditionally used as a steak sauce (like with our Beef Tenderloin), try it with our Chef-Prepped Chimichurri Flattened Chicken, tossed with grilled vegetables, and more! It’s also delicious as a marinade or a zesty finishing sauce.

Origin: Argentina.

Farm Boy Peri Peri Grilling Sauce

Peri-Peri Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Spicy (“peri-peri” means “pepper-pepper” in Swahili) and lemony, with a zip of garlic.

Use: Marinate our Farm Boy™ Raw Argentinian Shrimp, your favourite meats, or crispy tofu with this pungent sauce and toss on a hot grill. Use it for basting and serve a little on the side for extra heat!

Origin: Portugal.

Farm Boy Korean BBQ Grilling Sauce

Korean BBQ Grilling Sauce

Flavour: Sweet, savoury, and sour, with a delightful sesame oil flavour.

Use: Marinate Farm Boy™ Organic Chicken Wings, pork tenderloin, or thin-cut beef short ribs, grill, and glaze before serving. Delicious as a burger topping on Farm Boy – Gourmet Burgers or tossed with Farm Boy™ Vegan Beef-Less Tenders!

Origin: Korea.

Farm Boy Teppanyaki Cooking Sauce

Teppanyaki Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Light, savoury, and sweet. An umami booster with soy sauce and nutty sesame flavour.

Use: If you’ve ever been to a hibachi grill where the chefs cook table-side, this is the flavour you’re tasting! This Japanese sauce, is a grilling staple that brings out the natural flavours of your ingredients and takes them to a whole new level. Use it in a vegetable stir-fry for an excellent side.

Origin: Japan.

Farm Boy Sweet Teriyaki Cooking Sauce

Sweet Teriyaki Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Sweet and tangy.

Use: This sticky and sweet sauce is perfect for stir-fry, glazing your fave proteins hot off the grill, or tossing with freshly cooked chicken wings!

Origin: Japan.

Farm Boy Stir Fry Cooking Sauce

Stir Fry Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Umami, lightly spicey, sweet, and tangy!

Use: An all-purpose sauce that is great with proteins and vegetables alike. Aside from stir-fry, try using it as a marinade, to make a vinaigrette, or to base meats on the grill!

Origin: Asia.

Farm Boy Vindaloo Curry Cooking Sauce

Vindaloo Curry Sauce

Flavour: Spicy, Tomato-based, smoky.

Use: Rich and aromatic sauce that has a strong kick of spiciness to pair with a deep smoky flavour. Simmer with your choice of fresh veggies and proteins and serve with naan bread or a bowl of rice. Marinate meats in this sauce, sear on the grill, and finish cooking in the oven for a delicious entrée.

Origin: India.

Farm Boy Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce

Tikka Masala Sauce

Flavour: Deep tomato sauce flavour, lightly spicy, aromatic, earthy.

Use: This sauce is delicious as a curry or can be used as a way to spice up parmesan cutlets, jambalaya, flavoured rice, or Indian inspired ratatouille!

Origin: India.

Farm Boy Coconut Korma Cooking Sauce

Coconut Korma Sauce

Flavour: Rich coconut taste, mild spice, and sweet aromatics. This sauce has a wonderfully creamy finish and is light on the palate!

Use: A light sauce that is great with vegetables and poultry! For an added depth of flavour, grill or roast your ingredients to create caramelized pockets of smoky flavour. Try adding cubes of tofu, panela cheese, halloumi, or paneer for a great meat alternative.

Origin: India.

Farm Boy Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce

Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Rich & creamy, sweet, buttery, and slight tart finish (tomatoes).

Use: Make a classic comfort-food curry dish with diced chicken and a side of roasted or grilled vegetables. This sauce is an amazing pre-grill marinade and is excellent when used to baste your chicken for added moisture!

Origin: England.

*Available in select stores

Farm Boy General Tao Cooking Sauce

General Tao Cooking Sauce

Flavour: Salty, sweet, gingery, and lightly spicey.

Use: Chinese take-out made easy! Make wholesome stir-fries with the veggies and proteins of your choice for a quick and simple meal. Add dried chillis, sesame seeds, and nuts while stir-frying for a Kung Pao entrée and serve on a bed of rice or noodles.

Origin: China.

*Available in select stores

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