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We at Farm Boy support our community by sourcing from local businesses and farmers. By doing so, we can provide the best quality to our customers while helping our cities and towns thrive! Keeping true to our roots, we also have a shared responsibility in ensuring that our global community is supported as much as possible. Food insecurity is a widespread issue that affects millions of people around the world and even those within our very own neighbourhood. That’s why we’ve joined the mission that Cooks Who Feed™ has set to help fight hunger for those living in situations where basic necessities are often a struggle. Together we can all Unite to Fight Hunger!

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Cooks Who Feed™

In 2016, Seema Sanghavi visited an NGO in India that provided paid training along with fair and safe work to marginalized women. After meeting them and seeing their effort, she felt compelled to give more women the same opportunity. But how? Food has always been an important part of Seema’s life and she struggled to understand why people go hungry when there is such abundance around us. She learned that about 1/3 of food produced globally gets thrown out. One statement that left her speechless was that the amount of food we waste could feed the entire world’s hungry four times over. Seema needed a way to help the women living without equal opportunity and those who constantly struggle to get a good meal.

This was when Cooks Who Feed was born. What better way to symbolize the fight against hunger than with an apron? The uniform of someone who cooks. 

Cooks Who Feed™ is an organization comprised of food lovers, cooks, and advocates who work to help feed those in need. By producing ethically sourced and crafted kitchen textiles, they provide an opportunity for food lovers to give back on a locally, globally, and environmentally conscious scale. These fair-trade aprons are handcrafted by women in India who are provided with a safe place to work and earn a living wage. Made with locally sourced, recycled, organic, and natural fabrics, these stylish aprons are eco-friendly to ensure a small environmental footprint.  For every 1 apron sold there are roughly 100 nutritious meals produced and provided to those in need.


How is this achieved?

Food waste and food surplus is a major factor when it comes to good food ending up at the landfill. This surplus occurs in nearly all realms of the food industry from production to retail. It is a matter of too much being made and not enough streams of transport along the supply chain for the food to be properly allocated. To combat this practice, Cooks Who Feed™ works with charity partners to support efforts in rescuing and reallocating this product to the places and people that need it.

Image shows a woman holding a sign that reads "I made your apron".
Ethical from production to sale.
  • Globally conscious with local initiatives.
  • Sustainable environmental practices.
  • Supplying jobs to the marginalized.
  • Substantial amount of proceeds goes towards feeding those in need locally and around the world!
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Rescuing Food.
  • There are food rescue programs installed in many major markets that produce excess & unsold foods.
  • Food banks and local food programs help businesses reduce waste and support their communities by giving to those within their own neighbourhoods.

Farm Boy™ x Cooks Who Feed™

We are incredibly EXCITED to announce that Farm Boy Edition Limited Edition Aprons are now up for sale! In support of Cooks Who Feed™ and their mission, over 1/3 of the proceeds will go to our charity partners to put good food into the hands of the hungry. With this initiative we hope to inspire those in our community to care for each other and hopefully we can all play a small part to help those that truly need it. 

For more information follow this link to our official page: Let us unite to fight hunger! – Farm Boy

Purchase them exclusively at your local Farm Boy!

*While supplies last

How can we make an impact?

grocery list.

Reduce Waste at Home

  • Reuse things like glass jars and containers from items such as pasta sauce, mayonnaise, and olives.
  • Plan your meals and shopping list with precision to maximize your purchase.
  • Use raw produce scraps for things like vegetable stock or home garden compost!
  • Don’t be afraid to turn leftovers into new food creations.
  • We can revive certain foods!

Engage in Community Efforts

  • Volunteer at local shelters and foodbanks!
  • If you run a food business, consider donation.
  • Support education on food security & sustainability.
  • Think about supporting or creating a neighbourhood pantry like these ones found all over Toronto: Toronto Little Free Pantries Project
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Local and High Quality

  • When possible, purchase local to support the farmers and food security of your community.
  • Where we can do so, buying higher quality items will prevent us from overspending on items with a limited lifespan.
    • Prevents us from having to buy things multiple times which becomes costly.

Check out this amazing resource on how to start rescuing food right at home: Food Rescue Starting at Home

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