Join us to fight hunger. Farm Boy edition aprons now available in store. 1 apron = 100 meals.
Join us to fight hunger. Farm Boy edition aprons now availble in store. 1 apron = 100 meals.

We at Farm Boy support our community by sourcing from local businesses and farmers.

By doing so, we provide the best possible quality while ensuring that we do our part to help our community thrive!

Keeping true to our roots, we also have a shared responsibility to ensure that our global community is supported as much as possible.

Food insecurity is a widespread issue that affects millions of people around the world. That’s why we have joined Cooks Who Feed™ in support of their mission to help those struggling to attain basic necessities.

For every 1 apron sold, roughly 100 nutritious meals are produced and provided to those in need.

  • Farm Boy Edition Aprons on a wooden table. 1 apron = 100 meals.

Join Us to Fight Hunger

1 apron = 100 meals

*Limited quantities for both apron sizes.

Cooks who Feed. Woman who is part of the cooks who feed community is holding a sign that reads "I made your apron".

Cooks Who Feed™ is an organization comprised of food lovers, cooks, and advocates who take on a small part of the responsibility to help feed those in need on a global scale.

By producing ethically sourced and handcrafted kitchen textiles—notably the flagship apron product—they provide an opportunity for food lovers to give back on a locally, globally, and environmentally conscious scale.

These fair-trade aprons are handcrafted by underprivileged women in India who are provided with a safe place to work and earn a living wage. Made with locally sourced, recycled, organic, and natural fabrics, these stylish aprons are eco-friendly to ensure a small environmental footprint.

Support your community today!

1 apron purchase, feeds 100!

*Limited quantities for both apron sizes.

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