Recap: inSeason Spring Edition 2024

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A season of abundance, growth, and new beginnings, spring is full of delightfully colourful and flavourful foods. Fresh fruits, crisp veggies, and seasonal sweets are bursting from our stores and shelves. To highlight everything each season has to offer, we’ve created our digital magazine, inSeason, which is full of new products, recipes, community events, and more. Take a peek at some of the goodies we have below to get an idea of what’s “in season” with Farm Boy.

inSeason Spring Cover

The Best of Fresh

A season of bounty, spring brings us bold, vibrant flavours with fresh produce. With a focus on quality and value, our buyers ensure that our customers are receiving the tastiest, longest-lasting fruits and veggies available. Learn more about our spring produce and how to use it for the yummiest results.

Image shows the fruits that are inSeason this spring. Grapes, Citrus Fruits, Pomegranates, Pineapple, Asparagus, Pears and more!

Asparagus 5 Ways

When it comes to versatility, this veggie might be the winner! A sure sign that spring has sprung, nutrient-dense asparagus is a Farm Boy favourite. Flex your culinary muscles and discover 5 delicious ways to use asparagus this season, from soups to salads to mains and more.

A rustic homestyle Tart made using the Farm Boy Butter Puff Pastry, tomatoes, asparagus, cheese, and basil leaves.
Asparagus info chart explaining 7 nutritional facts about Asparagus.


Music for your palate, fiddleheads are only around for a short while, making them a springtime must-have. Foraged in the wild from the earliest seasonal growths of ostrich ferns, they have a unique, grassy flavour. Delicious with only simple accompaniments like lemon juice and salt, we have more info in our magazine about fiddleheads and how to enjoy them.

A fiddlehead Quiche served on a plate.

Food Talk with Rose

With all the colours of spring, there’s one other place we love to see a rainbow: on our plates! Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Culinary Nutrition Expert Rose Turchio talks all about how incorporating a plant-based lifestyle can lead to increased vitality, energy, and overall well-being.

Learn more, including some tasty meatless recipes in this edition of inSeason.

plant-based meals into your weekly routine
can help to support your overall well-being,
vitality, and energy levels. Plant-based diets
are full of wholesome ingredients that are
minimally processed and naturally sourced
from plants. Things like veggies, fruits, and
products that are solely derived from plants, all fall into this category.

Snack Heroes

Swooping in to save the day with snacks, it’s Lulu! With a focus on freshness, it’s all about smoothies this season. Lulu’s tasty tidbits of information include Farm Boy product suggestions, recipes, storage tips, and more.

Smoothies are a convenient, versatile, and delicious
way to incorporate wholesome ingredients into
your daily routine. The dynamic duo
of yogurt and fruit are popular choices
because they contain things like fibre, protein, beneficial bacteria, and vitamins. Check out some ways
to craft your perfect smoothie!
Image shows or InSeason Magazine and clicking this image will take you to view the entire magazine,
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