How To: Get the Most Out of Your Grocery Shop

At Farm Boy, we’re dedicated to providing you with a farm-fresh shopping experience. We’re focused on sourcing the highest quality produce, meats, and dairy, offering local options, and curating a selection of products that respond to your diverse needs. We want you to get the best in quality, value, and convenience, and make your time in our store something to enjoy. Below are some handy tips to ensure that you get the most out of your next grocery shop at your local Farm Boy.

Check out our flyer for deals.

In our weekly flyers, you’ll find a variety of savings to better plan your grocery shop. In addition to fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses, we’re always offering great deals on items like our chef-prepared products, bakery favourites, and private label items. Keep an eye out for those surprise deals, too. A whole chicken or turkey doesn’t have to be a holiday-only purchase: they can be broken down, individually portioned, and frozen for when they’re needed.

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Make a list and check it twice.

Think of your grocery list as your guide to our store. To make the most efficient grocery shop, try planning your meals for the week. Organize it to use the freshest items first so they won’t go to waste. Meal planning helps you know what items to grab and what they’ll be used for, so no stragglers go forgotten in your fridge or pantry, and certain items can pull double-duty. (For example, ground beef can be burgers one day, and meatballs the next.) Bonus: it removes the daily repetitive question of “What’s for dinner?”

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Enjoy your shop.

The person who idealistically shops for the freshest, healthiest items may not be the same person mid-week. Part of an enjoyable shopping experience is picking up items you actually get excited about. Make room in your list (and budget) for that pack of fresh-baked cookies or bag of potato chips.

grocery shop Harvest Grain Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Explore our Chef department.

You might find yourself exhausted after a big grocery shop, which is where our Chef department comes in handy! Made fresh by us, we offer a variety of wholesome meals for when you just can’t even. Pair with a crisp salad and boom! You now have a tasty meal for the evening with plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. Within our Chef department, you’ll discover ready-made meals and salads, perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t have time to cook but still want something delicious at a great value.

Check out our private label products.

For an item to earn the distinction of being under the Farm Boy label, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality and value. These are items you can’t get elsewhere, and we’re always developing more products to satisfy our customers’ needs. Across all departments in our stores, you’ll find something delicious under the Farm Boy name.

grocery shop European Deli Salamis

Stock up on pantry staples.

Staple items like pasta, rice, and beans are delicious and inexpensive building blocks to a nutritious meal. Keeping your kitchen stocked with staples like these means you likely have a meal already lurking in your pantry.

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Shop the frozen section.

Picked at peak ripeness, our fruits and veggies are flash-frozen to retain all their nutrition and flavour. Easy to toss in a smoothie or use as a simple side for dinner, they won’t contribute to food waste. Frozen proteins are an excellent option, too! Frozen seafood, like shrimp, is high in protein and versatile enough to use in pastas, salads, soups, and more.

Red Lentil Ragu

Try meatless options.

Try going meatless once or twice a week. Using items like beans and legumes for your protein can offer a significant increase in savings. If you’re not sure where to start, visit our Recipes page for some delicious plant-based meal ideas!

Stretch your proteins.

Plant-based, carnivorous, or somewhere in between, stretching your proteins is a way to get the most bang for your buck. A whole chicken or turkey can be roasted and later broken down for fried rice, stir-fries, soups, and more. (Check out this recipe for some inspiration.) Ground beef, lentils, or beans are great in chilis and Bologneses – items that freeze well and can feed a crowd.

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Prep produce as soon as you get home.

To minimize food waste, prep your produce as soon as you get home. We source all our produce directly from farmers to ensure they last longer, and pass that value onto you. Wash, peel, and cut your fruits and veggies so their preparation isn’t a barrier to enjoying them later. Freeze fresh fruits and veggies, too, if you know you’ll be using them at a later date.

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Along with our flyer, our e-newsletter provides subscribers with advance info about upcoming sales and promotions. A snapshot of what’s going on in our stores, you’ll discover great deals, recipes, information on in-store tasting demos, and more. Subscribe to our e-newsletter here.

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Ask a Team Member for what you need.

Part of what defines Farm Boy as a farm-fresh experience is the incredible talent of our Team Members. Visit our Butcher Shop or Cheese Counter and ask a Team Member for what you need and how you need it. This way, you’re getting the exact amount you require, without anything going to waste.

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