We all know what charcuterie is, right? Grab a board, pile it high with meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruits, and dig in! Customizable based on the season or the occasion, charcuterie is a delicious way to enjoy a meal or share some snacks with friends and family.

This Easter, we thought, why limit ourselves to charcuterie when we could create a candy-cuterie board? Totally Instagrammable, it’s a new take on dessert! Your candy-cuterie can be as large as you’d like with as many treats as you can handle! There’s no rule to how you build it, but we do have some tips (and treat suggestions) for how to make your Easter candy-cuterie board a seasonal star! Start with a neutral backdrop for the most photogenic look and go candy crazy!

Easter candy selection

Choose the Favourites

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to sweet treats, so make sure to include the heavy-hitters. After all, the aim of any dessert board is to eat them! Choose an assortment that offers fruity flavours as well as chocolate, an Easter staple. A few of our Farm Boy faves are:

Easter jelly beans and chocolates

Jelly Beans

A brand new addition to the Farm Boy family, our Jelly Beans contain no artificial colours or flavours and are available in Assorted and Sour options! Free of high-fructose corn syrup, they’re a sweet option you can feel better about snacking on, and their pretty pastel colours make them a perfect addition to your board.

Mini Stroopwafels

Maybe you’re feeling more of a cookie vibe than a candy one? In that case, try our Mini Stroopwafels, a classic Dutch treat made bite-sized! Thin, crispy waffles are sliced in half and slathered with a rich layer of ooey-gooey caramel. With a crunchy, creamy texture, it’s hard not to eat the whole bag! Available in three flavours: Caramel, Maple, or Vanilla.

Chocolate Eggs

What’s an Easter candy-cuterie board without some classic chocolate Easter eggs? Handcrafted by master chocolatiers using premium milk chocolate, they’re a seasonal favourite that definitely belongs on your dessert board. ! Gluten-free and peanut-free, too.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Another Easter classic has to be chocolate Easter bunnies! Like our chocolate eggs, our bunnies are handcrafted by master chocolatiers using premium milk chocolate. Gluten- and peanut-free, they’re an adorable addition to this seasonal board and available in five different sizes!

Play with Colours, Sizes, and Textures

For the most Instagrammable board, you’ll want to play with colours, sizes, and textures to add a little oomph. For this Easter candy-cuterie, we focused on pastel colours with some light neutrals for visual balance. Choosing items that draw the eye to different parts of your board makes it more appealing to guests with an exciting new treat to be discovered in every corner! Here are a few of our suggestions:

Easter candy selection from above

Wafer Rolls

Slim and crispy with an irresistible bite, these wafer rolls offer some length to break up your board. Flaky on the outside with a decadently creamy filling, we offer them in two springtime-appropriate flavours, Hazelnut and Lemon.

Easter candy selection

Mini Biscotti

The perfect cookie for your cup of coffee on Easter morning! Meaning literally “twice-baked” in Italian, these dry, crunchy cookies are ideal for dunking. Bite-sized and delicious, they come in three flavour varieties: Almond, Cappuccino, or Wildberry!

Coconut Cookie Chips

Coconut may be the unsung hero of the cookie world, and this candy-cuterie gives them a chance to shine! Slow-baked for an extra-crispy finish, these snackable cookie chips are free of added colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Pair & Share

Candy-cuterie is supposed to be deliciously chaotic, but you also don’t want items rolling around and falling onto the floor. To contain smaller items, we opted for little bowls and ramekins. This also helps to visually anchor the board as well as create some defined lines. As an added bonus, placing candy in a bowl means you can easily arrange them in different ways before settling on your final look.

chocolate almonds

Café Latte Almonds

These almonds are a pretty sweet idea for anyone who likes a little caffeinated punch with their sugar. Carefully roasted to bring out their intense flavour, our premium almonds are then enrobed in an indulgent layer of white and milk chocolates mixed with ground coffee. Ideal for the adult sweet tooth!

Gummy Bears

Sweet at any size! Our new Gummy Bears offer mini and jumbo sizes right in the same bag! Like the rest of our lineup of classic candies, these Bears are free of high-fructose corn syrup while still being gluten- and peanut-free!

Easter candy selection

Jelly Babies

A colourful favourite, our Jelly Babies also have the added distinction of being free of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, and flavours! Gluten-free, peanut-free, and with an excellent chewy texture, you know these will be a hot candy commodity!

Sour Wine Gums

Another member of our delicious lineup of classic candies, our Sour Wine Gums are also gluten- and peanut-free and made without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colours and flavours. With a sweet, sophisticated taste and a tart bite, they’re a delicious treat in assorted fruity flavours!

Spread the Love

Grouping treats in bunches all on their own can feel a little too orderly, which isn’t the vibe we want. For a bit of controlled chaos, try portioning the same sweets in different areas of the board for easier grabbing. This also allows you to fill in any gaps as you complete your final look. Check out where we placed the goodies below:

chocolate selection

Belgian Chocolate Assortment

This fancy assortment only comes around occasionally! Carefully curated for a diverse and exciting flavour experience, this collection holds something everyone can enjoy. We took them out of the box so that guests can better see them before biting into fruity fillings, smooth caramels, or crunchy pralines!

Yogurt-Covered Pretzels

Deliciously creamy with a salty edge, our yogurt-covered pretzels are ideal for snacking. Their bright colour helps to lighten up our board, which is why we spread them in a couple of different areas.

Add Some Easter Flair

You can create a candy-cuterie board for any occasion, or when you want to try something different for dessert. Since this was an Easter spread, we really wanted to embrace the fun, whimsical aspects of the holiday. Try including some non-edible, decorative components to keep things playful and exciting. In addition to laying ribbons to help visually contain the board, we also chose faux spring blooms, toy bunnies, and plastic eggs.

Easter candy selection

Will you be creating your own candy-cuterie board this Easter? Let us know and share your creations with us on social!

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