Fieldless Farms out of Cornwall, Ontario, grows fresh, crisp, and wholesome lettuce all year long using innovative growing techniques. Their ultimate mission is to provide food security to Ontarians by farming in a local and sustainable way. Utilizing technology to grow crops with low environmental impact is an important part of their business, but that doesn’t mean it’s all science. Producing delicious, flavoursome, and long-lasting crops is just as important as the innovative tech they are using to grow them. With a line of produce that’s continuing to grow, this farm has its sights set on an abundant future full of fresh vegetables all year long. 

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“Their ultimate mission is to provide food security to Ontarians by farming in a local and sustainable way.” 

Technology For a Fruitful Tomorrow 

Fieldless Farms

Science has continued to push the boundaries of what we as humans can achieve. There are countless ways that new discoveries have allowed us to grow food that is delicious and environmentally conscious. Fieldless Farm’s for one, is not your typical farm. They don’t sow seeds in a field, nor do they ride around in a tractor, but how do they do it? Read below for some quick facts on how they grow their veggies and the reasons why they have taken such a novel approach.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture is a system that combines engineering, science, and technology to grow crops indoors and in vertical gardens using hydroponics. 
  • Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil using nutrient and mineral rich water. 
  • They eliminate the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides, chemical baths, herbicides, and more! 

Renewable Energy and Environmental Impact 

  • The farm utilizes renewable energy and automated systems to reduce wasted resources. 
  • This system also ensures the perfect climate and environment for crops to thrive. 
  • They are the first in the industry to use cardboard-based packaging and have reduced their use of plastic by 90%.  

The Benefits 

  • Fresh produce all year long! 
  • Farmers can create the optimal conditions for growth and flavour. 
  • Ensuring a local supply that maintains its quality. 
  • Farms like Fieldless Farms can run in urban areas

The Fieldless Farms Mission 

Due to Canada’s landscape and environment, growing produce year-round has been a challenging endeavor. This has caused a major reliance on imported foods where over $48 billion dollars is spent annually to source these goods from around the world. There are multiple issues like population growth, extreme weather events, and other unforeseen disasters – like a global pandemic – that can tighten their grip on our food supply. We must stress the importance of what Fieldless Farms calls: 

“Canadian food self-reliance”. 

More information here: Let’s take control of our food supply | Fieldless

Did you know?

90% of leafy greens are imported. 

Moving into the Future

With great strides in technology, the farm hopes to become an important part of the solution by taking local growing and supply to a whole new level. Though our climate has presented many obstacles for quality growing conditions, it has given us a unique opportunity to invent, refine, and innovate the way we farm. Fieldless Farms works to assist in a future where Canadians can have a more balanced supply of food. This is a future where we limit the negative impact we have on our environment and one that provides security in knowing that good food is growing just down the road. This is not the final solution, but it is a beautiful start to a promising future for farming.  

Not Your Average Salad. 

Since they are grown under controlled conditions without the need for harmful protective chemicals or washing, you can enjoy this salad right out of the box. The greens are grown with expert attention to quality and flavour with an emphasis on localized shipping (Ontario and Quebec). This ensures that the crops are tender, wholesome, and long-lastingly crisp. Check out the two fantastic salads below and keep on the lookout for more new products to come. On your next visit, grab a few salads and the get the fresh flavours tossing!

Ontario Sweets


This salad is full of soft delicate textures and hints of sweet flavour. Enjoy this blend of lettuce with fresh, seasonal fruit and one of our house-made dressings. 

Suggested pairings:

Northern Crunch 


If you’re looking for a salad with crisp texture, look no further. This mix of crunchy lettuce has a hint of sweetness and can be used in a variety of dishes from sandwiches to smoothies. 

Suggested pairings:

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