Weekday Chef Deals

Fill your belly on a budget with our new Weekday Chef Deals!

At Farm Boy, indulge in a unique and wholesome selection of weekday lunch specials that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, only for $7!!

  • Mondays kick off with a mouthwatering Burger Rito, accompanied by a side of fresh, crispy chips for the perfect balance of flavors.
  • On Tuesdays indulge in our savoury pasta and meatballs lunch combo – a deliciously satisfying meal crafted with perfectly cooked pasta and flavourful, tender meatballs. A hearty and classic choice for a fulfilling feast.
  • On wing Wednesdays, we offer classic chicken wings in honey garlic, buffalo, maple BBQ, or sweet chili flavours.
  • On Thursdays, savour portable delight packed with tender chicken, vegetables, and rich gravy encased in a flaky, golden pastry shell. Perfect for on-the-go satisfaction.
  • On Fridays, satisfy your cravings with our classic Sloppy Joe served alongside freshly made, crispy chips. Enjoy the perfect blend of savoury, saucy goodness paired with crunchy perfection in every bite.

At Farm Boy, each weekday offers a unique, globally inspired lunch experience made by our chefs with high-quality ingredients. Stop by our stores and grab lunch today!

Also available: Hot Breakfast Sandwiches. Made fresh daily. Only for $5.00

Applicable ONLY in the following stores:
Aukland, Aurora, Beaverbrook, Brantford, Bronte, Cambridge, Dupont, Fairway, Guelph, Harvard Square, King and Weber, Mapleview, Masonville, Newmarket, Oakwoods, Rideau, St. Clair, Walkers Line, Wellington South, and Yonge & Silver Maple.

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