Farm Boy Artisan Crackers

Farm Boy Artisan Crackers

Handmade with the all natural goodness of fruit, seeds and grains, sweetened with honey and finished with a touch of Himalayan salt – they’re the perfect, slim, ultra-crispy cracker.

Rosemary, Raisin & Garlic
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Cashew & Cranberry
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Black Currant & Olive
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Rosemary Raisin & Garlic: Enriched wheat flour, pure cane sugar, sultana raisins, Greek yogurt (skim milk, cream, bacterial culture), black sesame seeds, honey, granulated garlic, sodium bicarbonate, dried rosemary, Himalayan pink salt, granulated onion, dried parsley.  Contains: wheat, milk, sesame. May Contain: tree nuts.

Cashew & Cranberry: Enriched wheat flour, pure cane sugar, flax seed, dried cranberries (sugar, sunflower oil), cashews, Greek yogurt (skim milk, cream, bacterial culture), honey, sodium bicarbonate, Himalayan pink salt. Contains: wheat, cashews, milk. May Contain: sesame, other tree nuts.

Black Currant & Olive: Enriched wheat flour, pure cane sugar, sunflower seeds, black currants, Kalamata olives,  Greek yogurt (skim milk, cream, bacterial culture), sodium bicarbonate, Himalayan pink salt, natural olive flavour, sunflower oil, tocopherols, rosemary extract. Contains: wheat, milk.  May Contain: sesame, tree nuts.

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