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June 18th, 2020

Make Whipped Dalgona With Our New Instant Coffee!

If you spend time on the internet, you’ve likely seen a new food trend circulating this year: whipped coffee. The teens on TikTok are doing it, the bloggers have caught on, it seems that everywhere you turn is a photogenic glass half full of milk, and topped with a cloud of creamy, caramel-coloured coffee foam. The visual opposite of a cappuccino!


This viral coffee drink is called Dalgona – a mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and water. It originated in South Korea, and seems to have taken off currently because people have a little more time to spend in the kitchen these days – and this drink takes longer to make than your traditional cup of joe. (There is a lot of whisking involved.)

Now, Dalgona isn’t the only whipped coffee around. When I first heard of it, I immediately thought of the Greek café classic frappes, a shaken mixture of instant coffee, sugar, milk, and ice. And I also remembered another whipped coffee drink, popular in India – phitti hui – served hot.


Why am I telling you all of this? Great question. Farm Boy just released our own instant coffee! Organic and fair trade, in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties, and in stores now. This is the perfect time to pick it up and get creative.

Of course, you can certainly drink a warm cupful of our rich instant coffee as you normally would, but if you are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, and something fun to try, give this whipped coffee drinks a whirl.


  • Farm Boy Organic Instant Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Hot water
  • Milk or non-dairy milk
  • Ice



  • Combine 2 Tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and water.
  • Start whisking! Whip it up! This part may take up to 5 minutes.
  • You’re looking for a thick, glossy coffee mixture – almost like a mousse.
  • Fill your glass halfway with your chosen milk and ice, and spoon the coffee over the top.
  • Enjoy!



Have you ever tried making a whipped coffee? Stick to hot coffee all year round? Iced coffee in the summer? Let us know.



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