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October 31st, 2019

Waste Not: What To Do With Halloween Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween! We hope you’re ready to get spooky tonight – costume competitions and trick or treating abound! We are here to talk to you about pumpkins. Decorative pumpkins. Maybe they’ve been sitting out on your stoop for a week, bringing festivity to the neighbourhood, maybe they’ve been part of a tablescape in your house, maybe you’re not quite sure what to do with them after the trick or treating is over! 

The first thing to know is that the pumpkins you carve and leave in front of your house are not ideal for cooking and eating – not only because they’ve been sitting out, but because their flesh is woody, grainy, and generally not delicious. But their seeds are perfect to roast. While you’re carving, separate seeds from pumpkin flesh, toss them in some oil, seasonings of choice, and roast them until golden and crispy. This is a fabulous roundup if you are looking for pumpkin seed flavour inspiration. 

The second thing to know is that the smaller “sugar pumpkins” (I know them as “pie pumpkins”) are often used decoratively, and you can definitely cook those.

Here’s what I’ll be doing with mine: 

And don’t forget to compost your jack-‘o-lanterns when they’re all done grinning at the trick or treaters!

What will you be doing with your pumpkins? We’d love to hear.

[Pumpkin bread photo via Bon Appetit]


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