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October 11th, 2019

Waste Not: What To Do With Blue Plums

Snappy skin, that drip-down-your-chin juiciness, high levels of antioxidants, and an incredible transformation to caramelized, roasted, jammy  goodness when exposed to heat…what’s not to love?

We used some of our Ontario Blue Plums in our Lunchbox, Unpacked this week, but here’s what we’ll be doing with the rest:

  • We’re thinking that a few could be turned into this iconic fall plum torte (which, from personal experience, is endlessly adjustable. Swap in gluten free or whole wheat flour, add as many fruits as you like, whatever variety, spice it with cinnamon, add a generous splash of buttermilk, it’s very hard to go wrong). The fruit sinks into the batter when baked, and if you halve the sugar, you could even justify it as a breakfast option.  
  • Anyone who grew up in an Eastern European household might immediately think of szilvás gombóc – plum dumplings – that are a fall tradition in Hungary and similarly in Croatia, Romania, Poland. This recipe is easy to follow, the results are authentic, and the ingredient list may surprise you (potatoes?!) Dredge them with cinnamon sugar, serve with whipped cream, or even plate them alongside pork for the perfect pairing. 
  • Sliver them and serve fresh on a big salad with kale, shaved fennel, toasted almonds (a relative of the plum, did you know?) and goat cheese. Beautiful and healthy. 
  • Turn a pound of them into a richly-hued compote or jam that is equally good on thick slices of toast or atop salty Halloumi.
  • Roast plum halves with the zest and juice of an orange, a sprinkle of raw sugar, and cinnamon sticks, and serve them over oatmeal and creamy yogurt. They last well in the fridge for days, and are something we always have on hand in stone fruit season.

What will you be doing with your plums? We’d love to hear.


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