Macaroni and Cheese


A rich, creamy classic. Fresh penne noodles are covered with a blanket of rich bechamel, with sharp cheddar and parmesan cheeses and baked until golden and bubbly. Crunchy breadcrumbs give added texture. Mmmm!

To Prepare

  1. Sprinkle panko topping over the pasta and cheese mixture.
  2. Bake at 375°F, uncovered, for 50-60 minutes, until golden brown and bubbly and internal temperature reaches 165°F.
  3. Serve.

Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2,000 calories a day, and children (ages 4 to 12) need an average of 1,500 calories a day. However, individual needs vary.

Serves 8-10 | 6720 Calories

Please order 72 hours in advance.

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