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October 24th, 2019

A Secret Trick To Take Tomato Sandwiches To The Next Level

Summer is over, and gone with it is the opportunity to eat tomatoes as if they were apples. No longer will we be blown away by their sun-ripened, juicy flavour. The tomatoes of the next few months, while greenhouse-grown and absolutely acceptable, are just not the same. 

If you are anything like me, you spent much of the summer eating salted tomatoes on mayonnaise-y toast and calling it dinner. But what now, as the cool weather takes over?  Only eat stew? Sometimes you just need a tomato in your life. 

Don’t worry. Nobody panic. We have a secret trick to making your autumn BLTs and tomato sandwiches hit all your tomato cravings.

Red wine vinegar + salt. 

You know how when you macerate fruit in sugar, it pulls out their vibrant juices and makes them so much more fruity and good? The same thing happens when you effectively macerate your sliced tomatoes in a bit of red wine vinegar and salt.

It works well for not-quite-peak-season tomatoes because the vinegar makes them extra juicy and the salt draws out the tomato flavour. Add these bumped up tomatoes to a BLT, protecting your bread from sogginess with a layer of mayonnaise. The acid from the vinegar provides delicious contrast with the salty bacon and creamy mayo.


Here’s what you do:

  • When shopping for tomatoes, choose on-the-vine tomatoes that are firm, with only a little bit of give, and red. Tomatoes continue to ripen after they are picked, but not quickly. Try and use them within 48 hours of bringing them home.
  • Slice your tomatoes – did you know a serrated knife is actually the preferred tomato-slicing tool? The teeth of the blade can cut through delicate tomato flesh without squashing.
  • Put your tomatoes in a dish, and salt them (more heavily than you might imagine.)
  • Pour red wine vinegar over the tomatoes, until they are mostly covered.
  • Add a glug of olive oil for good measure.
  • Turn the tomatoes over so they get saturated with your marinade.
  • Wait. 5 minutes will do it. 10 minutes is better.
  • Add these marinated tomatoes to your sandwiches (or even salads!) and enjoy how they don’t taste like sad winter tomatoes, but have a sort of antipasto quality to them!
  • Bonus: if you, like me, have little-to-no self control, maybe you will find yourself dipping your crusts in the remaining vinegar to soak it all up. 


Really delicious combinations we’ve tried so far:

Tender mozzarella slices and whole basil leaves

Prosciutto, spicy Spianata, or crispy bacon

Sliced deli turkey and a smear of goat cheese (try ours with garlic & herbs!)

What else could we use? Have you ever heard of the controversial peanut butter and tomato sandwichNot sure if I’m ready to try that one…




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