Savour The Summer

This summer, we want to inspire you to make the most of all the delicious foods available to you!

Whether that be by helping you discover new products and ingredients, encouraging you to get creative
with cooking using fresh seasonal foods, or sharing ideas for how you can prepare and incorporate yummy
food into all the fun summer things you love doing.

Together, let’s savour the summer and all its fresh flavours!

Fresh Finds

Our customer-favourite sparkling waters are now available in 1L bottles the whole family can share! Enjoy them in a glass with our Frozen Fruit and ice for a flavourful, fruit-infused refreshment. Try our two new flavours: Cucumber Melon and Blackberry Hibiscus!

Farm Boy™ Picnic Salads

Generously sized pails filled to the brim with your favourite hearty salads! Choose from classics like Creamy Coleslaw, Potato Salad & Macaroni Salad and pair them with a slice of warm cornbread and some saucy BBQ!

Making authentic Spanish paella is now easier than ever with our new kit! It includes your pre-measured paella necessities for quick and easy prep: traditional spices like delicate saffron, Spanish olive oil, stock, and Valencia rice.

Summer Recipes

Extra Bites

Grilling is a great way to give your food some extra flavour and is fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it! Whether you’re barbecuing for the first time or you’re exploring a passion for summer’s favourite cooking method, here are some grilling tips and other interesting tidbits from our Product Development Chefs to help you feel more confident when cooking.

It’s no wonder that cultures all over the world embrace cooking food on a barbecue or grill. From outdoor gas and charcoal barbecues, to indoor grills, this cooking method is accessible to almost anyone and is relatively easy to do. Grilling maximizes flavour through caramelization and browning, and the cooking style typically uses lots of fresh ingredients – yum!

There’s nothing like packing up a car and setting out to a new location for a few days to reset and enjoy some solo time or quality time with family and friends. There are a few essentials that make for a great road trip experience – things like good tunes, a pre-downloaded podcast or two, sunglasses and maybe some entertainment for kiddos.


Meet Andrea Buckett

Toronto-based Food Expert, Chef, Recipe Developer, Supermom & Friend of Farm Boy!

Andrea will be bringing you fresh recipes, blog posts, and taste tests for new products. Just about everything you’ll need to Savour the Summer!

Our Own The Grill contest is now closed! Thanks to those who participated!

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