Savour The Summer

This summer, we want to inspire you to make the most of all the delicious foods available to you!

Whether that be by helping you discover new products and ingredients, encouraging you to get creative
with cooking using fresh seasonal foods, or sharing ideas for how you can prepare and incorporate yummy
food into all the fun summer things you love doing.

Together, let’s savour the summer and all its fresh flavours!

Fresh Finds

Beat the heat this summer with our refreshing Watermelon Sorbet! Made in Ontario, this vegan-friendly treat is made with natural ingredients including real watermelon and no artificial flavours or colours!

Our Organic Lemonade is a true taste of summer, with Sicilian Lemons and a hint of Tahitian lime, lightly sweetened with cane sugar. The ultimate sweet-sour combo. No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Our tender vegan burgers have a texture and aroma similar to their meat counterparts, but are powered by plants! Made with recipes exclusive to Farm Boy, their flavour will impress in your next summer BBQ!

Summer Recipes

Extra Bites

Grilled burgers and sausages are a summertime signature! Whether it be lakeside cottage lunches, post-game feasts, birthday celebrations, or casual get-togethers with family and friends, a classic burger and sausage BBQ is simple and easy-going, making it a perfect fit for so many summer occasions. 

f the words vegan and BBQ don’t seem to go together, I am here to tell you that they absolutely do! A drool-worthy, satisfying, and delicious plant-based meal is easier to create than you might think.

When the summer heat is fierce, there’s nothing like a chilled, delicious treat to help you keep your cool! Give one of these a try the next time you craving something sweet and refreshing! 


Meet Andrea Buckett

Toronto-based Food Expert, Chef, Recipe Developer, Supermom & Friend of Farm Boy!

Andrea will be bringing you fresh recipes, blog posts, and taste tests for new products. Just about everything you’ll need to Savour the Summer!

Our Own The Grill contest is now closed! Thanks to those who participated!

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