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Farm Boy™ Italian Trio (150 g)

Farm Boy™ Italian Trio (150 g)

Produced in Italy, this succulent trio delivers an authentic taste of Italian tradition and flavours. The mildly spicy salami is the perfect complement to the salty, aged prosciutto that rounds out this delightful duo. To contrast these exceptionally flavoured meats, we have a delicate provolone cheese with a slightly sweet and sharp finish. Serve these on your next charcuterie board with your favourite olives, marinated vegetables, and crackers!


Prosciutto: Pork Leg • Salt. Spianata Salami: Pork • Salt • Sugars (Dextrose) • Garlic Extract • Sodium Ascorbate • Sodium Nitrite • Potassium Nitrate • Lactic Acid Starter Culture. Provolone Cheese: Pasteurized Cow Milk • Salt • Rennet.

Contains: Milk.

Prosciutto : Cuisse De Porc • Sel. Salami Spianata : Porc • Sel • Sucres (Dextrose) • Extrait D'ail • Ascorbate De Sodium • Nitrite De Sodium • Nitrate De Potassium • Ferment Lactique. Fromage Provolone : Lait De Vache Pasteurisé • Sel • Présure.

Contient : Lait.

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