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Start your day with wholesome oatmeal made with 100% Ontario-grown oats, fibrous red bran and a touch of turbinado sugar. Perfectly portable and rich in fibre, just add hot water and enjoy. Try all four delicious flavours: Berry Medley, Maple Walnut, Banana Nut, or Apple Cinnamon.

Berry Medley
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Maple Walnut
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Banana Nut
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Apple Cinnamon
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Berry Medley: Oats, red bran, dried cranberries (sugar, sunflower oil), rye flakes, wheat flakes, brown sugar, Thompson raisins (vegetable oil), currants, freeze dried strawberries, strawberry flake, blueberry flakes.  Contains wheat, sulphites. May contain tree nuts, soy.

Maple Walnut: Oats, Thompson raisins (vegetable oil), red bran, walnuts, turbinado sugar (sugar, molasses), golden sugar, rye flakes, wheat flakes, sea salt, maple flakes (maple syrup). Contains wheat, tree nuts.  May contain soy.

Banana Nut: Oats, turbinado sugar (sugar, molasses), red bran, freeze dried bananas, cashews, rye flakes, wheat flakes, banana flakes, Kosher salt.  Contains wheat, cashews.  May contain soy, sulphites.

Apple Cinnamon: Oats, dried apples, Thompson raisins (vegetable oil), red bran, turbinado sugar (sugar, molasses), golden sugar, wheat flakes, rye flakes, blanched almonds, organic cinnamon, sea salt, apple flakes (apple, corn starch, sucrose, sunflower lecithin). Contains wheat, almonds.  May contain soy.

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