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October 23rd, 2019

Lunchbox, Unpacked: Oktoberfest Style

Welcome to our Lunchbox, Unpacked series! We’re tossing out the tired PB&J and getting creative with balanced, totally delicious lunch options for you and even your little ones.

At Farm Boy HQ, we are avid lunch-packers. Of course some days are pizza days, and some days we can barely catch the bus with our shirt on right-side-out… so packed lunch is definitely out of the question (been there), but food is the name of our game, and we know that eating better starts with cooking at home. That includes what you bring along with you for the day.

With a little prep and our help, we’re confident you can throw together a mid-day nosh that’ll fuel your brain, your body, and keep you going until dinnertime.

We’re exploring the products on our shelves to find the ones your coworkers will be craning their necks to have a peek at and offering “swapsies.”  No thanks, I’ll stick to my own.


Our Lunchbox, this week:

This week we’re lunching Munich-style, in honour of Oktoberfest celebrations around the world! (Have you seen our featured Hot Bar?!) Fall weather calls for smoky sausages with bold flavours and apples dusted with cinnamon. 

  • Our Farm Boy Smoked Sausages are perfect for lunch, as they are fully cooked and taste great at room temperature – a necessity of a packed lunch- and only need a little warming. Pan-fry or grill quickly before slicing up any of the varieties (we are partial to Cheddar Jalapeño) and pack them up!
  • What are sausages without mustard? Our Gourmet Mustards are the perfect match. A dollop of creamy Dijon or Garlic Dill is a flavour bomb that makes a huge difference to your whole lunch.
  • Farm Boy Organic Sauerkraut – we love our Organic Sauerkraut. Raw, unpasteurized, for the most probiotic benefit, naturally fermented, and available in our refrigerated section.
  • Pretzels – a little starchy backbone that’s on theme. Did you know we stock a few different types of pretzels in our grocery section? Sticks, twists, gluten free, gluten-full, your pick!
  • Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon. Alright, ideally we would have time to whip up a quick apple sharlotka  (an apple-heavy cake, barely held together with a custardy batter,) but if we got caught without the time, let’s just cover a crispy, sweet apple in our Organic Cinnamon and call it dessert. 


This is an easy adaptation for a school lunch. Maybe the sausages should be in smaller pieces. Maybe you could include a little pretzel bun for a make-your-own-sandwich. Maybe mix a smaller amount of mustard with mayonnaise so it’s not quite as biting.

For dietary issues and allergies, this meal is easily free of nuts, gluten, and (depending on the sausage variety) dairy. For the vegetarian/vegan crowd? Veggie sausages would be an easy swap.

What else would you pack for yourself? We’d love to hear your go-to lunches…


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