Lunchbox, Unpacked: Continental Style

February 27th, 2020

Lunchbox, Unpacked: Continental Style

Welcome to our Lunchbox, Unpacked series! We’re tossing out the tired PB&J and getting creative with balanced, totally delicious lunch options for you and even your little ones.

At Farm Boy HQ, we are avid lunch-packers. Of course some days are pizza days, and some days we can barely catch the bus with our shirt on right-side-out… so packed lunch is definitely out of the question (been there), but food is the name of our game, and we know that eating better starts with cooking at home. That includes what you bring along with you for the day.

With a little prep and our help, we’re confident you can throw together a mid-day nosh that’ll fuel your brain, your body, and keep you going until dinnertime.

We’re exploring the products on our shelves to find the ones your coworkers will be craning their necks to have a peek at and offering “swapsies.”  No thanks, I’ll stick to my own.

Our Lunchbox, this week:

This week we’re imagining what the lunchboxes might look like over in Europe – fresh cheeses, cured meats, simple salads, and a little dessert. This is a great one to do in a rush, and you can get 3 lunches (at least) out of this shopping basket!

  • Our fresh Farm Boy Bocconcini are the star of the show here – we’ve tossed them with a little torn basil and some chopped baby tomatoes as well as a spoonful of our Fresh Basil Pesto for an easy, high quality salad. The mini mozzarella balls are so milky and fresh, you’ll be transported to Italy (if you just close your eyes!)
  • A sliced, dry-cured Rosette de Lyon adds savouriness and protein to this box. We have a handful of varieties in store- this is “Original” but you could pick up Black Pepper, Parmesan, or Red Wine…and use the rest chopped up in omelettes for breakfasts this week! Or use it to replace bacon or chorizo in soups and stews.  You can’t go wrong having one of these on hand.

  • A great tool for your lunchboxes, and one that we haven’t mentioned before, is our Salad Bar! You know it’s a great option for eating on the go, but we love to use it as a place to pick up prepared side dishes to use at home too. Our marinated artichoke salad has spicy, grilled red peppers and a fresh dressing we can’t get enough of.
  • On the side? A few Baguette Crisps, some pieces of tender dried mango, and a cheeky Honey Waffle for dessert! Our Honey Waffles are inspired by Dutch stroopwaffels, a thin waffle cookie sandwich with a sweet, gooey filling. Insider tip: perch one over a mug of tea or coffee so the interior melts a little bit…DIVINE. We offer them in a gluten free version as well as regular.

  • If you’re going to treat yourself to a drink other than water – it should be with our all-natural Raspberry Lemonade. Fruity with just the right amount of tartness, it’s a favourite here at Head Office and I have a feeling it will be in your household after you try it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll add just a splash to some sparkling water for a bit less sweetness and drink that for a few days. Mmm!

What else would you pack for yourself? We’d love to hear your go-to…


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