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Lunchbox, Unpacked: Chili Time

January 8th, 2020

Lunchbox, Unpacked: Chili Time

Welcome to our Lunchbox, Unpacked series! We’re tossing out the tired PB&J and getting creative with balanced, totally delicious lunch options for you and even your little ones.

At Farm Boy HQ, we are avid lunch-packers. Of course some days are pizza days, and some days we can barely catch the bus with our shirt on right-side-out… so packed lunch is definitely out of the question (been there), but food is the name of our game, and we know that eating better starts with cooking at home. That includes what you bring along with you for the day.

With a little prep and our help, we’re confident you can throw together a mid-day nosh that’ll fuel your brain, your body, and keep you going until dinnertime.

We’re exploring the products on our shelves to find the ones your coworkers will be craning their necks to have a peek at and offering “swapsies.”  No thanks, I’ll stick to my own.

Our Lunchbox, this week:

This week we’re bracing ourselves against the chilly weather and eating warm, hearty chili (get it?!) Now, you could get ambitious and make chili from scratch the night before you have lunches to pack, OR, you could take a quick shortcut and grab one of our incredible, as-good-as-homemade, chilis. We love the Farm Boy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili because it’s packed with veggies and delicious spices, and keeps you full all day thanks to hearty black beans and pieces of sweet potato. Did we mention…it’s vegan?

You know that we love to adjust things to taste here at Farm Boy HQ, and chili is no exception. In this instance, we used a few of our favourite toppings, but you can certainly change those up. If you’re always hungry, maybe serve it up on a bed of brown rice for extra staying power. Or quinoa if you’re looking to get some more protein in. Pickled jalapeños or slices of avocado would be a welcome addition, as would a little bit of corn.

  • We covered our chili in thinly sliced green onion from our produce section, a scoop of sour cream, and a sprinkle of spicy Farm Boy Fiesta Cheese – our shredded blend made in small batches out of just cheese. Did you know other shredded cheeses are often coated with a non-sticking agent so they don’t get stuck together in the bag? Ours is all real cheese, so it melts and cooks like…well…real cheese. And in this case, there are some hot peppers thrown in for a little kick.


  • On the side? Torn spinach with a squeeze of lemon. We’re always trying to get in some green goodness.
  • A medley of fresh pineapple and grapes (our pineapples are available whole, cored, or even chopped!)
  • A handful of our newest Farm Boy Tortilla Chips – this time with refried beans! Extra fibre, and the same, authentic taste. If you like our chips, you’re going to love our Meet the Maker this week.
  • Peanut Butter Cookies! Vegan cookies! Gluten free cookies! Of course, don’t eat these if you have peanut allergies, but almost everyone else can partake. (And if you can’t eat nuts or bring them into schools, the same range of cookies includes an Oatmeal Raisin, a Chocolate Chip, and an Oatmeal Coconut.) The peanut butter ones are soft and delicious – they are made with 4 ingredients, and taste as good as homemade ones.
  • Farm Boy Not Too Hot Sauce – ready to spice it up! Maybe you don’t love spice, and that’s ok. But if you do, our Private Label hot sauce will – as the name suggests – not burn your mouth off, but it does add some heat and warmth to this chili.



Skip the sour cream and cheese and this lunchbox is completely dairy free and vegan. As a substitute, you could try making this cashew sour cream or what about a sprinkle of our new Parmezzing?  It is gluten free. We already talked about the cookies, so a quick swap can sort out any issues with nuts.

What else would you pack for yourself? We’d love to hear your go-to…


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