Hungry for Summer, we can help!

This season, we’re hungry.

Hungry for afternoons spent at the cottage, for picnics in the park, for grilling, chilling, and enjoying all the flavours of summer. We’re hungry for big, bold tastes, the freshest produce around, and brand-new products.

This summer, join us at Farm Boy to experience the best the season has to offer. From the hottest products to the tastiest recipes, we’ve got what you need to satisfy your cravings.

Fresh Finds

chilled carrot summer soup

Farm Boy™ Chilled Summer Soups

Fresh and smooth, these light chilled soup have arrived just in time for summer! Made by our chefs in small batches, they’re full of flavour and delicious aromatics. Best served chilled as a light meal or refreshing appetizer.

summer picnic salad on blanket

Farm Boy™ Picnic Salads

Generously sized pails filled to the brim with your favourite hearty salads! Flavourful and easy to pack, they’re a perfect pick for summer picnics and quick no-cook meals! Choose from classics like Creamy Coleslaw, Potato Salad & Macaroni Salad.

summer strawberry rhubarb cobbler

Farm Boy™ Cobblers

Sweet fruit is covered with a crumbly biscuit-style topping and baked to perfection for a taste that’s just like homemade. Try serving these old-fashioned cobblers warm with a scoop of your favourite Farm Boy Ice Cream or Gelato!

Summer Recipes

Extra Bites

Endlessly customizable and always delicious, the humble hamburger can be dressed up or dressed down. Vegan, keto, or gluten-free, there’s a burger for every dietary decision and lifestyle! To get you hungry for summer, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide on how to build the ultimate burger using some of our favourite Farm Boy products!

Greet summer with a shopping cart full of goodies from Farm Boy! Whether you’re taking a trip to the cottage or having a relaxing stay-cation at home, this list will have you set for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Discover new items for the grill, for snacking, for sipping, and, of course, to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Thick and spicy or sweet and tangy, for dipping, marinating, or basting, everyone has a favourite barbecue sauce! This summer, we’re taking our grilling seriously, which is why we developed this essential guide to every Farm Boy BBQ sauce on our shelves, from origins to flavours and everything in-between!

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