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Holiday Entertaining: Mini Cheese Boards

December 24th, 2019

Holiday Entertaining: Mini Cheese Boards

Do you have a lot of holiday parties on the calendar this year? Maybe a work lunch or potluck, a big Christmas party with your spouse, 3 holiday dinners with family, a cocktail do for friends, and ah yes, you’re hosting New Year’s Eve.

Us too.

It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with all of the entertaining and cooking and shopping. At Farm Boy, we love to make up big charcuterie and cheese boards for gatherings, I mean have you seen our cheese counter? But if you are always trying to be the host with the most, a couple of issues can crop up. Firstly, you can run out of creative ideas and secondly, you can spending an absolute fortune on cheese. 

Enter: mini cheese boards. This is a trick I love to use for small and large gatherings alike. Small cutting boards or plates double up as cheese boards, and with one or two of them dotted around your entertaining space, you can get away with a little less product and you can theme them. 

Cheese board shot from above on rustic table. The composition is at the left of an horizontal frame leaving useful copy space for text and/or logo at the center-right. Predominant color is brown. Low key DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM.

Themed Boards

Imagine this: one cheeseboard is a combination of Manchego cheese, quince paste, and smoky chorizo sausage in a nod to Spain. One has milky bocconcini pearls, a scoop of tangy muffuletta, crumbled Parmigiano, and spicy spianata to reference Italian foods. Here, I’ve done a vegan board with our Cashew Cheeses and pickled antipasto for those who eat plant-based or non-dairy! 

You could do one with sharp Canadian cheddar, nutty Pacific Rock, gala apples, and maple-roasted almonds! What about a French board with gooey brie, soft chevre, slices of rich Rosette de Lyon and Pate de Campagne! See what I mean? Theme your boards. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, make little flags out of toothpicks to let your guests know what is what. How about a board of all blues? Or a goat cheese-only board? A selection of smoked cheeses? Maybe one for kids with milder cheeses and fruits! The options are endless. 

Save a Little 

If you are employing this technique to stick to a party budget, it’s a great way to include cheeses and meats among a spread of other items. By putting together a mini board or two, you can showcase one or two premium items and use fruits, veggies and crackers to bulk them out. Choose a sharp or funky cheese and a rich paté so people go through it all a little more slowly, and you’re in business! Surround your mini cheese board with other items like chips and dips or pita and hummus…what about our new Baba Ganoush? 

Fancy cheese plate with blue cheese, cheddar, goat cheese, bread, honey and pistachios at a luxury restaurant. Horizontal shot.

Some of our Farm Boy mini cheese boards would include:

Spanish: Farm Boy Chorizo or Fuet Bites, Manchego Cheese, maybe a glossy square of homemade Membrillo (quince paste!)

Italian: Farm Boy Italian Deli Meats, a broken up block of sharp Pecorino,  a scoop of Farm Boy Muffuletta, some skewers of Farm Boy Bocconcini with pickled artichoke and olives from our antipasto bar.

Vegan: Farm Boy Vegan Cashew Cheeses, roasted nuts, pickled red peppers, and maybe one of our Farm Boy Tofu Dips!

What do you think? Would you split up a giant cheeseboard into smaller ones? How about a theme? Any suggestions?



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