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Roasted veggies

October 11th, 2019

Fresh Favourites: 5 For Friday

We hope you have a fabulous weekend in store! We’ll be grilling up a Flattened Chicken with family to make build-your own wraps (try schmearing a pita with Tzatziki or our Spicy Eda-Yummy Dip before adding your toppings!) And maybe roasting some root vegetables and tossing them in a caper vinaigrette like the Ottolenghi recipe above.

Here are 5 of our favourite foodie links from around the web:

  • So fascinating to peek inside a week of eating for the Chef’s Table director (if you, like us, have watched every episode on Netflix.) 

    “[My parents] never relegated me to the kids’ table or just left me with the nanny.

    They introduced me to this world of food, and I stayed in there.”
  • An incredible business dedicated to saving and repurposing food that would otherwise go to waste. Bravo! 
  • Have you ever made an icebox cake? It’s not a traditional Canadian dessert, but we’ve been seeing them pop up all over the place and can’t wait to give these no-bake treats a try. This blackberry one looks like a dreamy way to use some of the season’s best berries, or this banana pudding one is pretty enough to serve for guests!

(Lovely root vegetable photo via notes of bacon.)


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