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Farm Boy Fresh Favourites 5 For Friday

December 20th, 2019

Fresh Favourites: 5 For Friday

 We hope you have a festive weekend in store. If you’re finishing your holiday shopping, we wish you good luck and strength to withstand the crowds! Maybe you did everything in advance, and to that we say, well done! All that’s left to do is plan your menu…or finalize it. We all know the drill for Christmas dinner, but what about the 24th? My family does a big Eastern European smorgasbord of cold cuts and pickled things and körözött, but I’ve heard a lot of rumblings of takeout curries or even lasagna. What’s your tradition?    

Here are 5 of our favourite foodie links from around the web:

  • We talked about our cookie exchange picks this week, but if this is your first year doing one, here is a great guide to the rules of a cookie exchange in general.
  • If you’re looking for a quick appetizer that’s head and shoulders above the ol’ standards, why not try these savoury Muffuletta Deviled Eggs – for a short cut, use our Farm Boy Muffuletta and skip a few steps!
  • Maybe you love a Christmas morning coffee with a splash of Irish cream as much as I do. Have you ever tried making your own? Couldn’t be easier. I might add this on to my package of homemade gifts this year. 


  • Let’s talk about latkes. If you’re celebrating Hannukah, chances are you’ve spent a fair share of your holidays standing with a pile of potatoes in front of a box grater. Do you dare use a food processor for quicker shredding or do you savour the quality time with family in the kitchen? Onions or no onions? Breadcrumbs? Toppings? We could talk about this for a while. I say yes to onions, and no to flour or crumbs (we are in a gluten free house. This is my go-to recipe.) And yes to sour cream and apple sauce AND smoked salmon with capers. Ooh. 

(Irish cream photo via Smitten Kitchen.)


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